Why WeChat Official Account?

The much-needed improvement in the retail environment that retailers need to ensure is the exploration of the power of social е-commerce. For example, Nike online fitness community curated playlists to match a runner’s pace and master trainers to provide fitness advice.

As per the current retail trends, m-commerce leads the way. Experts suggest that it is gaining traction all over the world. For instance, US shoppers prefer to use smartphones for their purchase. The US is nowhere close to China, owing to unprecedented growth in m-commerce in the country, where shoppers have taken a leap past the era of personal computers directly to mobile commerce. The reason is simply the convenience that mobile purchasing options bring to them. WeChat is one such a free mobile messaging application that has accumulated 650 million users in less than five years of its existence and has been very helpful to industries as a medium to market products in China. The app also has a ‘Buy’ Button that provides seamless shopping experience.

WeChat Official Account

WeChat is a solid marketing device for brands entering the Chinese market. Creating a WeChat official account is, therefore, important for brands to meet up with their target audience and improve brand consciousness in a viable and savvy way.

Types of WeChat official accounts

They are:

  • Subscription Accounts
  • Service Accounts
  • Corporate Accounts

Before registering your WeChat official account, pause for a minute to consider your requirements and objectives.

Subscription Accounts

WeChat subscription accounts concentrate on data and brand correspondence. They’re similar to another media channel. They can publish once per day and can just publish 1-6 articles each time. All updates are sent to the clients’ membership envelope and clients don’t get push notifications.

Subscription accounts are the main authority account type open to people, for example, bloggers, essayists or superstars, which are the best decision for people, media and brands that are content based or data orientated.

Service Accounts

WeChat service accounts give more grounded help to customer service and CRM. They are likewise sales-oriented in that approved service accounts can apply for WeChat Pay functions and own a WeChat Store. Immediately after verification, service accounts are likewise granted access to APIs that empower them to manufacture extra applications and functions, for example, an Instant Customer Service application or GPS applications that assist clients to discover their offline locations. At the point when posts are published, service account articles show up in devotees’ chat records as push notifications and are more obvious. Then again, altogether not to pester or spam clients, the posting recurrence is lower than a subscription account. A service account can distribute just 4 times each month, with 1-6 articles each time.

Service accounts are most reasonable for industries with a mass group of onlookers or with huge client databases, for example, banks, airlines and inns. Sales oriented brands that do not require frequent publish are likewise suited to service accounts. That is why service account remains the most popular WeChat official account.

Corporate Accounts

While subscription accounts and service accounts target external markets, WeChat corporate accounts are limited to internal correspondence and administration. They’re not open to the general population. Users must be authorized internal staff to follow a corporate account.

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What can WeChat account do?

With the statistics of users of WeChat’s Public Accounts at 80% of all users, 73% of Public Accounts that users follow are brand and media accounts and a whopping 41% of users of WeChat account follow Public Accounts for an update. As a result, WeChat has become the basis for m-commerce in China and other countries are looking to what it can do. The functions of the mobile application include:

  • Add a bank or credit card to connect with WeChat pay
  • Make in-store payment
  • Transfer money
  • Send lucky envelopes to friends
  • Hail a cab and pay for it with WeChat pay
  • Catch up with updates
  • Send cryptocurrency
  • Share location
  • Pay utility bills
  • Manage personal wealth fund
  • Make donations to charities

These mind-blowing functions make WeChat account very useful in China.

How to Register a WeChat Account

Registering a WeChat account is very simple. It can be done just by following the instructions online or through the application. It requires 5 basic steps, include:

  • Create an account
  • Verify your e-Mail
  • Select account type
  • Enter account details (all your information will be needed here)
  • Account appearance and description

How to use a WeChat account

Basically, following instructions is key. To use a WeChat account, you need to be engaged with your application. You will need to add friends and then get it started with. But I tell you, the application was designed such that a newbie can easily navigate through it without many difficulties.

In conclusion, WeChat account has become a special application that must be own by every businessman in China due to its versatility in day-to-day activities in the country. Therefore, any executive looking to make a mark in China must consider and incorporate the use of WeChat account in his/her plans. As it stands, the next 12 year could mean a widespread of WeChat account in the economy of every country in the world.