Does Your Child Need Help? Consider Finding an Online Tutor

There is increasing pressure on young people to do well, either at GCSE or A-level. Much of this is as a consequence of the growing cost of living and the competition for full time employment. This competition for work has produced the type of desperation in many families that often results in a student struggling at school. But it does not need to be this way.

Extend Your Learning

If your child needs help at any level of study, have you considered finding a qualified online tutor for them? The problem is that many parents feel as if they have somehow failed their child if they engage the help of a tutor. They may think that they have failed in their role as a parent. They may even blame their child for not fitting into an education system that might not engage them. In many cases, parents will also blame schools for being uncaring, or the system for being wrongheaded.

In the end, none of this matters. The education system is not perfect, and may never be. Likewise, some children simply struggle in the rigid structure that is characteristic of most schools. Whatever the cause for the problem, one should never be too embarrassed or too afraid to ask for help. A tutor can help in the following ways:

  • Subject expertise: There is a qualified tutor for every subject, no matter whether it is at GCSE or A-level. If you are struggling with a specific subject, why not be guided by a third party who has more understanding in that subject? There is no shame in this.
  • Confidence: Many students struggle because they lack self-esteem and confidence. The assistance of a professional tutor may provide some much-needed confidence and lead to significant improvements in performance.
  • One-to-one: The classroom is not always a good environment for learning. Many students find it distracting and chaotic. The beauty of hiring a tutor is that a student can receive specialised and individual one-to-one tutoring without any of the distractions of the classroom.

Becoming a Tutor

Despite the obvious benefits to students, the traffic is not all one way. Tutors themselves gain a number of benefits from the tutoring experience, including:

  • Increased understanding: It is a mistake to think that the learning experience is all one-way between tutor and student. For an A-level student who has become a tutor, for example, they will engage with their student and will extend their own understanding of the subject by seeing it through the student’s fresh eyes.
  • Motivation: In fact, many new tutors, feeling pressure to maintain their role as a teacher, actually feel more motivation to learn further in their subject. This increased understanding in their subject area is of particular benefit to tutors who are also studying.

It is perfectly fine to admit that life is tough, and that our children often struggle with schooling for many reasons. With this in mind, one should also not feel too ashamed or fearful to contact a qualified tutor to provide some much needed guidance to their child in their studies.