Don’t Loss privacy again – Get Proxy servers for Surfinganonymously

The internet is a marvellous tool that has had a profound impact on the way we live and relate in the society, providing us with a plethora of knowledge that is accessible almost instantaneously. Its effects are far reaching, from our social lives to how we conduct businesses, it pioneered a change from the more traditional ways of doing things, introducing an easy yet efficient way of achieving set goals.

The popularity and acceptability of the internet has become widespread with almost everyone having one or two things that need consulting the internet for, as a result, certain entities have made a job of recovering the details of this vast number of internet users and using the collected information for several purposes, some of which are unethical.

The loss of privacy is one of the internet’s very few downsides, with most websites and internet programs tracking the user to a certain extent. It is not unusual to see an ad (internet advertisement) that is correctly targeted to match your web surfing history. This kind of user targeted advertisement is achieved by actually tracking the user browsing habits. The invasion of privacy is not only limited to tracking of browsing patterns; certain programs can also collect location data, phish out personal details and when they tend to the nefarious side, are even able to retrieve user passwords and login details remotely.

Proxies for Surfing the web without leaving Traces

The need to surf the web anonymously without fear of being tracked or stripped of sensitive information led to the development of what we now know as Private/Dedicated proxies. In plain terms, a proxy (server) is a web service that functions as an intermediary between the client and the server and prevents a direct communication between the two. Proxies act as a sort of relay that sends a request from the client to the server; whilst simultaneously retrieving the return query from the server and transferring back to the client. In so doing the server has no direct interaction with the client and is unable to log details like the IP address of the client.

Apart from anonymity, proxies also function to grant users access to an otherwise forbidden website or network. In countries where ISP’s place a curfew on certain sites, the use of private proxies is sure to relieve that restriction. Dedicated proxies also offer some level of protection against remote infiltration from hackers, because any information reaching you has to be relayed through the proxy server, any potential threat to install a remote Trojan or virus via your network is redirected to the server where they have but minuscule effect.

Another use of dedicated proxies is in the promotion of internet marketing and sales campaigns; they are widely used in SEO tools like Scrapebox, SenukeX, GSA e.t.c. In social media marketing, private proxies enable users to create multiple social media accounts on different platforms, to get the necessary likes, followers, views e.t.c with automated tools like TweetAdder, and Zennoposter that ensures a successful sales campaign.

Where to Get Best Proxy Server

Several companies provide the service of both shared proxies and dedicated proxies. A dedicated proxy is private secure IP that is used exclusively by only one client at any instance, not to be confused with shared proxies that are usually overloaded with different users.

Dedicated proxies come at a premium and provide the user with full anonymity in stark comparison to shared proxies that can be tracked by the proxy host. Shared proxies also come bundled with internet ads, and because of the sheer traffic transmitted by such proxies, the speed of content delivery is significantly reduced.

If you are interested in subscribing to a proxy service, I strongly recommend getting a dedicated proxy; as for a minuscule sum, you get added benefits that shared proxies cannot provide. And here is some of proxy service that’s recommend,

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