Download UC-News to get customized news feed

In today’s world of internet and social media, world has seemed to be a small place. It is now possible to know about anything and everything around the world in just a matter of few seconds. Well, with news feeds, you may be able to get all the news from across different continents, but the question is do you want to know all that is happening around the world? That is why you should consider something like UC News.

Install UC-News to know what you like

With UC-News, you can get the news you wish to know about at your fingertips. It is a mobile app that helps to get news on topics that you have interest on, as it can customize the news feed, the way you want it to be. You can get a variety of news to keep you interested and occupied. Be it games, politics, films, world records and so on, the UC-News mobile app will ensure that you miss no latest happenings.

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Set up by the Alibaba Group, the UC News was launched after the success of the UC Browser. This app is absolutely suitable to Indians as it has been specially made for Indians keeping in mind the subjects that will appeal to them.

If you look at the features of the mobile app, you will know why it has become so popular in such a short time. It has a simple interface and it brings to you customized news that you have chosen. All the trending content for the topics you have chosen will come to you on your smartphone as and when it happens. You can even share the news easily. Also, with its option to read the news offline, you also save your bytes. That is not all. It is also possible to post your reactions and comments about the news that come to you and this can be shared by readers from across the globe. That means, you need not log on to your social media accounts or the internet all the time to know the latest happenings and to post your views on the same.

Reasons to use UC-News mobile app

You get all the latest information from around the world that is the primary reason of using the app. Second, there is no limitation to the content you will receive. You can know the latest scores of the live cricket match or you will know what your favourite actor is up to lately.

As it is available in both English and Hindi, people can choose the language they prefer. With the creators planning to support other Indian languages as well, the app is best for anyone. You can even download it on your grandparents’ phone and they can read the news in the language they are comfortable with.

There is a plus symbol (+) where you will find different categories. You just have to choose the ones you are interested in. There is the option of ‘channel edit’ which enables you to choose varied topics. You have the option of choosing at least 18 topics in the app.