Elizibles: The Best App for Serious Dating and Planning Your Matrimonial Prospects

Finding a suitable partner online could be a very disappointing and frustrating experience, especially if the platform you are using doesn’t really prioritize high-quality matchmaking for its users. All the more so if you’re actually looking for the One, whom you will spend your life with. With Elizibles, which is one of the best matrimonial apps at present, ensures that the person you interact with online would certainly the one you’ll meet once you start dating in person. In short, it really goes the limit in making sure that it fulfills its matchmaking purpose to the fullest.

How is it able to do this exactly? Well, for one, one of its major features is that it makes use of relationship traits when determining the prospective individuals whom it would match you with. You are able to set the traits that you are looking for in a person (whether they like movies and books or they are introverted or extroverted, to cite but some pertinent ones). Do you they smoke and drink? Are they vegan? All of the vital answers to these questions would be displayed to you based on the other profiles that other individuals make.

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Everyone is also required to submit a selfie video that briefly describes yourself as well as serving as an introduction to the community. This way, you’ll never have the disadvantage of meeting someone in person who is entirely different in demeanor when online. The app also removes the hassle of having to manually browse through thousands of eligibles as it proactively and automatically searches for those who suit your preferred traits.

Users are asked to submit a profile picture, use their true name, age, education, employment, and location. The traits that you can set are often just opposites of each other (e.g. are you more Active or Relaxed?). This feature really serves as a good way of summing up your personality as a whole. And you can also set the traits that you like and hate the most in a person.

Elizibles, with the facts stated above considered, really outshines other matrimonial apps and dating apps by emphasizing its focus on establishing meaningful connections with other eligible individuals in a primarily online setting. This is a rare achievement for even the purportedly excellent and top dating apps out there and is undoubtedly what other matrimonial apps should pattern themselves after. Another standout facet of the app is, of course, its allowing you to let your family and friends directly help you in your search. Without a doubt, these levels of accuracy and qualities are pretty much a must-have for any person relying on a matrimonial app to look for their future life partner.

Google play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.elizibles&hl=en
iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/elizibles/id1145806474?mt=8