Elmedia: The Most Reliable Multifunctional Media Player for You

Elmedia Player is an efficient audio and video player. It plays practically any kind of file you to play like, MKV, AVI, MOV, MP3, FLV, M4V, MP4, FLAC, DAT, or any kind of file that you wish to play.

Elmedia Player will play virtually any file you throw at it and you need not require any extra plugins or codecs.

This app is a universal video player for mac and will smoothly play your files playback. Feel assured that you will enjoy an effortless smooth HD experience and we should be grateful for it comes with hardware accelerated decoding.

Elmedia Player and what are its features

  • Playback options for both video and audio files
  • Native volume control
  • It can easily support several audio tracks
  • Having control over the playlist is not tough anymore
  • Now playing the audio and video segment incessantly is easy
  • Image fits to the screen
  • You can pin it over the recently used or active app
  • You get the option of the full screen mode, where the monitor displays the full screen video
  • You can conveniently alter and adjust the playback speed
  • You can easily set up the way you want the player to play the external audio tracks. Set it as a dictionary where all the movie names will be set systemati

Flexible audio and video setting

  • You can rotate it, or flip it, revert to its original way and mirror videos too.
  • Adjusting the brightness, saturation level and color gets easier and quick.
  • Syncing subtitles gets easy if they were not synced the right way
  • Select language of your choice for subtitles and audio, even when the files have multiple audio and subtitles to be streamed.
  • This app can easily apply virtual surround and speakers. It can even set audio output device when the need for transmit AC-3/DTS through S/PDIF arises.
  • You can click screen shots and easily watch videos online.

Accessing Vimeo, YouTube, and Dailymotion gets easy as you will be able to do so from the app itself. You will no more require a fresh browser every time you want to watch videos online and you can stay free from distracting ads with the option of Open Online Video.

For any specific moments, you will be able to get the screenshots. If you want you can make the whole video through the set of screen shot images available. You can set intervals as and when you want, in between the screenshots.


Now you can even stream videos from AirPlay device be it iOS or Mac to Elmedia Player. You can also do so from Elmedia different Mac with the help of Elmedia or any other AirPlay app. It will easily support external soundtracks and subtitles also whenever it is streaming through AirPlay-enabled tools.