Exciting New Features Of Ios 11

Apple is known for their innovations, they always make sure to go that carry mile when it comes to the optimisation of their iOS operating system, so the excitement of public is very obvious. The excitement has reached its highest peak with the release of their iOS 11. And the rumors have already arrived which says that Apple has completely nailed it this time. So, the things that Apple brought with this update for the people are explained down under.  If you follow the latest technology updates from a gadget news site, you might be aware of the features of iOS 11.

Features of iOS 11

  • The iOS 11 has a new concept of messaging, iMessage; this will let you text all your acquaintances without actually paying a single penny for the SMS. This new version of iOS also lets you sync your messages to your iCloud so that you never lose any important message. You can even text Siri on your iOS version. The messaging app this time has some really engaging graphical effects.
  • This new iOS version has better features on privacy. The iOS 11 has firmly put all the power of privacy in the hands of the user this time. Every time you click on an app icon which requires your GPS location, you will be notified and you will have all the rights to deny their requests. This new OS also allows you to give access to your Wi-Fi with actually sharing your password with them.
  • The iOS 11 is completely customizable. There is no more of that old Apple control panel which does not let you customize at all. Apple is planning to add some more hidden new features in this OS version which will even give you the option of screen recording.
  • The storage management of this new iOS is great. You can even instruct the operating system to delete all the unused apps which are just eating up your phone’s memory. Users will also be guided by the operating system about how to save storage.
  • You will also get a do not disturb while driving feature in the new OS. Your phone automatically detects when you are inside your car and it self-activates this feature. This feature will allow you to drive safely without getting distracted by unnecessary notifications.

All the leading tech news sites have updates information regarding the amazing features.