Best iPhone 7 Cases and iPhone 7 Plus Phone cases

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If you have already spent over $650 on the latest model iPhone then you also need to spend a few dollars more to protect your expensive phone with a stylish case. There options are almost endless, you can make your own phone case at a print on demand custom phone case company or choose from a number of ready mead rugged, waterproof, folio or minimalist cases.  So to help you choose we have put together this guide helping you to find out the best iPhone 7 cases and iPhone 7 plus handsets.

  • Leather cases by Apple for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus


If you don’t like the look of plastic or silicone cases then surely go for Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 plus leather cases. It would give your phone a chic look while protecting it from minor drops. You will be able to use it for long since the look of leather tends to get better with wear and tear. Available in 10 classy colours this case comes with machined aluminium buttons which enhances its look.  If you want something more your own you could always opt for a custom leather iPhone case. A real hit for those with an artistic flair they want to show off.

Cons: One major disadvantage of this Apple phone case is that it leaves the base of your phone exposed.

  • iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case by Apple

Features: Though there are a couple of iPhone battery cases available on Amazon, none of them are MFi certified. This is precisely why going for Apple’s battery case is always a safe option. It comes with a 2,365 mAh battery which can give your fully depleted phone a charge of 93%. Instead of the micro USB, it features a lightening connector port which in turn would allow you to use the iPhone headphones without taking your phone out of the case.  Clicking the buttons through this silicone case is a matter of simplicity and the look and feel is much better than the hard plastic cases you find in the market.


The battery bump on the backside kind of mars the look of this case. The exorbitant price of this case is also another drawback.

  • Waterproof cases by Wetsuit Impact

Features: The iPhone 7 and 7 plus models are fully water resistant and can ensure submersion for 30 minutes in upto one meter of water. However, if you are still keen on getting a waterproof case then check out Dog and Bone’s Wetsuit Impact cases. They can be submerged in depths of up to 2 meters for more than half an hour. The sleek design, the inbuilt screen protector and the easy to click buttons are some of the reasons why you can consider investing on this case.

Cons: You really don’t need to spend on a waterproof case since all the latest models of iPhone are IP67 rated.

  • Custom iPhone 7 and 7 plus cases by Made2B

Features: If you want your phone to look different from the hundreds of iPhones around you, then you need to go for a personalized phone case. No matter if you want a Picasso picture on your phone, a picture of your pet or a unique pattern created by you, you can have them nicely printed on your iPhone case. It goes without saying that a personalized cover is going to allow you to express your artistic side while making your phone stand out from the crowd. Their special sublimation techniques would perfectly bond the print on the material of the case to make it look great for many years to come. If you want to make your own phone case made2b offers leather iphone cases, rugged phone cases and lightweight hard shell phone cases for iPhone 7, iPhone 7+, as well as iPhone 6, and previous models.

Cons: With so many possibilities you may find it hard to settle on a design you like.

  • Wallet cases for your iPhone by Silk Vault

Features: If you are looking for an iPhone case which is going to hold your credit cards or ID cards then go for the Silk Vault wallet case. It comes with a 3 card wallet slot which would allow you to do away with a wallet altogether. The raised bump beneath the card holder is going to keep your cards in place by putting pressure on them. The tiny slit on the edge makes for easy opening allowing you to gently push out the cards when you need them. Unlike other wallet cases this one doesn’t expose much of the cards and even comes with a protective film for the screen.

Cons: The rigid material of this case would make your phone look bulky even when you are carrying a single card. The cumbersome look of this case is yet another disadvantage.

Wrapping it up

Buyingone of these 5 cases to protect your iPhone would surely make a lot of sense. However, if you are not willing to dole out a lot of bucks then ditch the Apple cases and go for the ones you find on amazon or buy them from online dedicates phone case shops such as where the options are greater and the prices lower.