Favourable Considerations When Purchasing Sit-Stand Desk

First of all, when you say a sit-stand desk, it means that the desk talked about is one that can be adjusted. It can be used by someone who is standing while it can also be used when one is sitting. With the fact that a regular employee will spend at least 8 hours a day and if he is sitting all the time, it will surely damage his posture, sit-stand is developed. With the advent of these types of desks, more employees decide that this is what they really need.

But how can you end up with the best sit-stand desk? What are the factors one should consider?

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  1. Height Range

This will depend on the user of course. However, for standard users, an optimal range of 22.6 to 48.7 is suggested by BIFMA.

  1. Depth

Again this will depend on the preferences of the user though most of the time, 30″ depth is considered to be the benchmark when it comes to sit-stand desks.

  1. Noise

As this is too be used in an environment where people need peace of mind, noisy adjustments are definitely not allowed. Thus don’t forget to consider this factor.

  1. Ease of adjustments

There are a lot of ways in which a sit-stand can be adjusted. You can either use hand cranks, pneumatic lifts or through the use of electric component. It is up to you then to choose which is one is easier.

  1. Raise

The speed of the device to respond to your preferred adjustments must also be considered. As this is usually used in a busy working environment, it is a must that you choose one which can respond to your command immediately.

  1. Power

If you have to choose a device that can be operated through the use of electricity, you have to make sure that there is indeed an outlet near it.

  1. Programmability

There are sit-stand desks that are programmable. Be sure that if you end up with this type, you can easily orient yourself on how to do it and that it will respond to your preferences right away.

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