Five online tools that very handy for 1st year college

But let’s explore on these, which are said to be handy: –

Pic Resizer

Let’s all agree that college students will utilize any opportunity of having fun. And it is also true that they will take millions of photos given the slightest chance. But if you don’t believe it, ask any student for their Smartphones. Huuuh..You will find thousands of photos.

Well, a majority could be struggling with the aspect of having the photos in smaller size for particular use. But don’t blame them. They may not be aware of the availability of a pic resizes. The tools, give you an opportunity of putting the photos in every size…..Thanks to

Cool Letters

Huhhh…Talk to any web design. And you will realize the fun and the longing they have in the use of Cool Letters. But what exactly are they for? Hey, they help in tweaking the aspects of their work. And what is the end result? Of course it’s a unique appearance.  Apparently it is such a small tools. But how many of us knew it would this useful? You can get cool letters from Coolletters. Net.


We have all interacted with the various MS programs available on the different Windows. And while the most common ones happen to be, excel, word and PDF the latter two are used interchangeably. And this means we have all found ourselves in situations of converting a document to PDF.

So how handy is it for a student? Remember the students do not have all the money to buy the expensive PDF writing programs. Well, there are free tools in the market. They include JPG to PDF, MS Word to PDF, PDF to MS Excel, MS Excel to PDF, Merge PDF and Split PDF among others.

Avatar creator

What are avatars? And have you tried to cartoon yourself? Then you must have used avatars, tools and websites, which are very common. And the beauty in the use of avatars is that they are free of cost.  And apparently, there is already so much craze in making avatar cartoons. Yes! We are talking about cartoon movies, which look like real human beings. Yes! You got me. And for students who are looking for creativity and imagination, there you go. Look out for avatar makers and the will be a great deal.

Free Password Generator

In today’s world, passwords are used left right and center. Otherwise why do we have to conceal the access of ATM’s, Gmail or Facebook accounts? And all this is for purposes of securing unwanted access. But again all passwords have their formulas, which raises the need for the password generator.

And did you know there are two types of passwords? Pronounceable and random passwords whereby the former produces easy to remember passwords while the latter is usually more difficult to crack. And how about visiting