Four New Scientific Technologies Shaping Our Future

Recent advancements in technology are more exciting than ever with new discoveries growing by the day. Some of these new scientific developments will do a lot to create a positive change not only in the lives of a lucky few, but for people worldwide as the way we interact with each other improves with each technological improvement.

Though the list of recent scientific advancements is lengthy, here are a few particularly exciting technologies that are sure to have a big impact:

Organic Electronics

What if the ability to control an electronic device such as a smartphone or tablet was carried over into controlling the behavior of neurotransmitters in our cells? With organic electronics, science is focusing on making organic elements, such as various parts of the body, behave more like machines do. This advanced technology has limitless potential for improving lives, particularly for those who rely on medical devices to sustain their lives or prosthetics to serve as a substitute for a lost limb.

Synthetic Biology

The creation of a “synthetic cell” and a complex computer model of real bacteria are possible thanks to a relatively new science known as synthetic biology. Synthetic biology is the ability to create biological organisms with the help of advanced technological means. The possibilities of this technology are astounding, and though we’re a long way away from creating a new life form from synthetic material, it’s very exciting to consider what could come from the continued development of these abilities.

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Redox Signaling

The health of every cell in the human body depends upon redox signaling molecules. These amazing molecules are critical to keeping the body performing effectively while protecting against the growth of disease and hindering deterioration. Redox signaling takes place in nature every time a chemical reaction occurs within the cells and was officially discovered in 1998. Just as antioxidants are crucial to maintaining cell health and play an important role in maintaining organs, redox signaling molecules work to replenish aging cells and has only since by harnessed by a company called ASEA.

Redox signaling molecules can now be found in high-quality anti-aging products such as those made by ASEA where they can better boost cell health where new cell growth may be slowing down.


Nutrigenomics takes the phrase, “you are what you eat,” to a whole new level. Nutrigenomics is the study of the various ways that food affects genes and as scientists expand their knowledge of these effects, they are better able to determine how a specific diet can enhance, complement, and even completely alter an individual’s genes for the better.

In the near future, scientists may be able to determine the ideal diet for any one individual to change their genetic makeup. These advancements may be able to greatly enhance and lengthen the lives of millions of people worldwide while helping to prevent disease and cure chronic illness. Of course, as ever, it will depend on a person’s willingness to eat what’s best for them in order to see amazing results in regards to their health.

These recent scientific advancements represent only the tip of the iceberg in where modern medicine and new technologies are headed. Scientists will only continue to grow in their knowledge in these fields and we’ll see huge leaps in technologies that improve the way we all live our lives.