Houses of the Future: What Every Futuristic House Needs

May 23, 2021

There’s no doubt about technology slowly taking over our everyday lives. What started with a mobile phone has paved way for a variety of other gadgets that have turned our home into a “smart“ home.

From your curtains being controlled by a remote to a smoke alarm that can differentiate between a burnt toast and a house fire to a self-propelled lawn mower to make gardening easy, the houses of the future are anything but boring.

In this article, we‘ll list out a few gadgets that every futuristic house should have. So, let’s get started!

A Built-in Projector Tablet

Projectors can make for a wonderful movie-watching experience but aren’t feasible when it comes to storing them in our homes. Thankfully, tech companies have launched tablets with built-in projectors that can give the user a home cinema experience without the need for an actual projector. With a long-lasting battery life, high-definition display, and compatibility with multiple apps, these gadgets are a definite must-have.

A Self-propelled Lawn Mower

All of us want a well-maintained and blossoming green garden, though, admittedly, without the hassle of taking the time and money to maintain it constantly. This can now be possible by buying a self-propelled lawn mower that will make lawn maintenance effortless and effective. Also, companies like can help a lot with advanced systems and ways of maintenance of your garden space.

These appliances have a speed control lever that can move the mower forward with the owner only needing to guide it. It should be noted that these appliances are ideal for flat lands up to 3/4 of an acre long. As it does all of the hard work, you don’t have to do anything besides that of walking behind it.

The Smart Smoke Alarm System

As mentioned previously, the smoke alarm can differentiate between things like a house fire and burnt toast. This move detector runs on Wi-Fi and can even identify gas leaks. Ah! The kids living in futuristic homes will never know the pain of waving tea-towels to not set off the fire alarm.

A Wi-Fi Powered Tea Kettle

Haven’t we all imagined to have the water ready and boiling for our morning cup of tea without us having to manually do it? With the entry of Wi-Fi powered tea kettles, this is possible. 

You can schedule the kettle to start heating the water with the help of a remote. The kettle also asks you if you’d like some tea as soon as you step foot inside your house.

A Remote-Controlled Drapery System

These look as fancy as it sounds. You can have your curtains or drapes open and shut with the help of a remote or your phone. Also, this system can be extended to your lighting and sync with other smart home hubs.

A Home Automation Hub

Home automation hubs, or smart home hubs, are hardware or software that connects devices to a home automation network. This facilitates easy communication among them.

Ultimately, the smart home hub’s utility comes from it being at the heart of all compatible devices in the household. The user can also give commands to this smart home hub. For example, if you’re about to reach home and want to switch on the air conditioner or open the garage door, you can command the hub to do exactly that. Truly futuristic!

A Guard Robot

These are tiny robots on treads that can guard your house in your absence. It has a camera to snap pictures of intruders, among other things, and a speaker through which you can communicate.

There were a few of the gadgets that every futuristic house should have. Not only do they make life easy and convenient, but they also look uber stylish and classy. The future definitely looks bright!

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