How EuroQuartz are working with the Aerospace Industry

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EuroQuartz is a supplier of all-important components required for various applications. They provide products that are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications and specialise in providing you with a solution that suits your individual requirements specifically.

When it comes to choosing products for aerospace applications, EuroQuartzare the experts. They can offer standard solutions or bespoke tailored solution to ensure that your exact needs are met.

There are countless ways in which the Quartz Crystal Oscillator from EuroQuartz can be used within the aerospace industry, including the following:


The Crystal Oscillator Circuit is used by the aerospace industry to provide reliable navigation from one location to the next. The use of the Aerospace Oscillator is highly effective in the sense that it makes it easier for pilots to know where they’re going and makes it more reliable and efficient.

For this navigation to be successful, the Crystal Oscillator Circuit needs to provide efficient communication, ensuring that the aircraft reaches destinations safely.


The Crystal Oscillator frequency enables communication to take place effectively, transferring essential information. EuroQuartz supply the Crystal Oscillator frequency to suit the requirements of the aerospace industry, whether it be commercial aircraft or space exploration!

EuroQuartz can provide you with a custom-made oscillator that suits your requirements perfectly, so don’t hesitate to speak to one of the experts today, simply call 01460 230 000 today!


Are you looking for an Aerospace Oscillator?

The team at EuroQuartz will be more than happy to provide you with an ideal solution for keeping track of time using the Crystal Oscillator frequency, they can provide you with a bespoke solution that’s suitable for high-altitudes.

The Quartz Crystal Oscillator allows aircraft to perform exceptionally whilst up in the air, controlling the engine and ensuring communication is effective.


If you want to prolong the life expectancy of your Crystal Oscillator circuit, you’ll want to check out the range of oscillators from EuroQuartz today! They are designed to improve performance and provide you with a high degree of accuracy allowing the aerospace industry to operate efficiently.

In terms of cost, the products from EuroQuartz are supplied to provide you with excellent value for money. You can expect to find an Aerospace Oscillator that suits your budget and allows you to maximise the performance of your industry, for longer.

EQXO- 1000BM

The EQXO- 1000BM is just one of the high specification oscillators provided by the experts at EuroQuartz. It’s a 14-pin dual oscillator which is specifically manufactured for the aerospace industry. The Aerospace oscillator is designed to suit your individual requirements and to provide you with a reliable source of time. You’d be surprised just how hard-wearing this Quartz Crystal Oscillator is- it can withstand the harshest of conditions!

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