How the Location of Your Server Can Affect Your Business

One of the most important factors of successful business depends on the location of your server. It often gets left out at the time of your website purchase decision. The server location can be interpreted by search engines like Google as a strong signal that a page or website is relevant to the country where it is located.

Below are the five key criteria for you to bear in mind how the location of your server can affect your business:

  1. Site Speed: Not less than fifty percent of the visitors expect websites to load within not more than 2 seconds, and almost forty percent will bail if it takes over three seconds. Especially for an ecommerce sites, understanding the impact of long loading times could result in a very costly lesson.
  2. Importance of Uptime: The importance of uptime from a site owner`s perspective is quite easy to grasp. You will be losing out new traffic, repeat visitors, and most importantly sales, for every single minute your site spends offline.

  1. Support: At the time of reading reviews, you should always consider a provider`s reputation when it comes to their level of support. It is better to take your business elsewhere if they are known for slacking off.
  2. Security: There are attackers, who exploit vulnerabilities so as to gain access to both your servers, and any valuable information stored therein, and if the power of hosting is not on the ball, then you could pay the price for it.
  3. Scalability: The last criterion is scalability. No matter whether you are running an online store or a private blog, the growth of site should be the overall aim.

So reading the above article, you must have understood that when you are looking for a host for your next project, remember to keep an eye out for the criteria mentioned above, as the location of your server may affect your business.