An Overview of Undelete Server Software

Accidental file deletions should not cost your company or organization more time and money. You can avoid these consequences by deploying Undelete® Server software, which enables the quick and easy restoration of deleted files from client and server machines.  Undelete Server provides you with real time data protection that enables instantaneous recovery, which no file server should be without.

Undelete Server has several advantages over windows recycle been and other undelete applications.  For one, it captures deleted files in real time over the network; the recycle bin has no such capabilities. This includes files deleted from the command prompt as well as files deleted within the file manager or from a network share. Given that Windows has no built-in undelete facility for recovering files which may have been fully deleted, the Undelete Server application offers critical functionality in allowing users to recover previously deleted files — even when those files have been deleted from the recycle bin.

Files that have been deleted accidentally on NTFS 1.0, NTFS 2.0, FAT 32, FAT 12, and FAT 16 are stored in a new location that the user selects in order to prevent overwriting of the deleted files from the original media. Typically, when you delete a file, the operating system denotes that area of the disk as ready to accept new data. If those particular areas have not been overwritten, then they likely will still hold the contents of the deleted files, which makes it possible for Undelete Server to recover (undelete) these files. Conversely, if an organization would like to ensure that deleted files cannot be recovered, Undelete Server includes a feature that will not only overwrite deleted files with gibberish data but also wipe the free space on a drive, thus making it impossible for anyone to recover the deleted data.

Undelete Server was robustly designed for use in a business environment. Registered users receive premier customer support in all aspects of software operation. This includes individual users as well as administrators, which enables an IT support staff to concentrate their time and effort elsewhere.

The Undelete Server application has a cornucopia of capabilities when it comes to undeleting files, such as a versioning feature, which undeletes files that were overwritten with newer versions; this includes Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word files. To do so, a user can simply right-click on the file in Windows Explorer to see a list of prior file versions and select one for instant recovery.

The active centralized directory management system of the Undelete Server software application includes features such as role based delegation, automated provisioning, approval based workflow, and active directory web user interface.

As you probably know, backups can fail for many reasons. However, you don’t have to worry as much about continuous backups when you have Undelete Server software installed on your network. Other leading packages include Condusiv, WinUndelete and NTFSUndelete. Some of these programs such as Condusiv’s Undelete Professional are designed to provide the same or similar functionality for smaller companies which may not have a large network. All of these applications form a critical bulwark against the accidental or malicious deletion of critical files, which if not addressed could lead to dire consequences that could seriously set back your business.