How to Conduct an Effective Interview?

Interviews are the most important thing in HR Jobs. Be it for a college admission or job, it is a very critical phase for everyone to prepare for an interview. A candidate is required to be prepared thoroughly considering each and every aspect of himself. The interviewer has to get an overall insight of the candidate in an hour or less. So, the candidate is needed to be prepared in a very precise and succinct manner. On the other side, the interviewer or employer should also prepare himself in a very effective manner so that he can hire the best suitable candidate.

There are some points that needs to be worked upon by the interviewer, as well as the candidate. However, to make an interview effective, the interviewer must make a list of all the questions that should be asked to know a candidate in a short span of time. Below are some important points to make an interview successful:

Resume: The candidate’s resume is needed to be reviewed carefully so that you can select the most suitable and best candidates. This approach will help in knowing the best suited candidate who meets basic requirements. After shortlisting, the interview can be scheduled and the panel members are then dully invited.

Item wise Things: This should be done carefully based on what you are looking for in terms of education, job experience, training, etc. This will keep your memory refreshed and keep you focused on the questions to ask at interviews.

HR Questions: There should be same questions,though they can be rephrased from time to time. Ask the strengths and weaknesses. Ask why he or she left the previous job or why he or she is interested in applying for the current job. These interviews are generally taken by people in HR Jobs, so think about what your company needs and accordingly ask questions.

Prior Work-Experience Related Questions: You may want to test the knowledge of the candidate’s the previous role. Ask about the projects that he or she has worked on. Ask about the initiatives taken by the interviewee. You may wish to ask about his overall contributions to the previous institution.

Questions Related to the Role That Is Being Offered:Ask about the candidates career objective, knowledge about the company, and job.You may want to test the candidate on the knowledge of the company, financials, and values. It is important to evaluate whether the candidate has done background research of the organization he/she is applying.

Analyzing the Body Language: This helps in judging the candidate’s smartness and confidence.Judge his/her communication skills. The body language talks a lot about any candidate. So, it is important to read the language and make inferences.

With this guidance, you should be able to conduct an interview with ease and effectively. Remember to make the interviewee comfortable to extract the best out of him.