New Gaming Platform Is In the Process for Launching

Carrie Bono
May 27, 2017
236 Views is preparing to launch a gaming platform which will allow both teams and individual players to participate in ever popular eSport games. These games will include:

  • League of Legends
  • DOTA2
  • Counter Strike: Global Offense
  • Call of Duty


They are planning to eliminate the risk that has come into this type of gaming by distributing transactions on the basis of ethereum blockchain, and eliminating in-game cheating by means of strict KYC1 software monitoring, and the use of their own artificial intelligence.

Financial transactions

Financial trades for the players will be directed by contracts that are run on Ethereum blockchain, which cannot be influenced externally, so they are implemented in agreement with pre-coded consequences. Know your customer (KYC) is the procedurewhere a business attests toand identity its clients. This isa term that also is used to denote bank rulings which administer these activities.

Growth potential

There is a huge potential for growth in online eSports and that presents with a compelling occasion to capitalize on the growing nature of eSports gamers who want to be involved in all the’s platform online will provide aplace for gamers to compete against each other without the difficultieslinkedto the existing gaming market.


The tokens issued by will be usedin the following main areas:

  • Playing in matches and winning further tokens
  • Ranking rewards
  • Vetoing debated match results
  • Organizing private tournaments
  • Coinflip, jackpot (inventory elements) (later)
  • Selling / buying inventory elements (later)
  • Referral rewards

Utility Token

As a utility token, GGS is involved in every process of this system. GGS can be attained through:

  • es’s app
  • From other players by transfer
  • Through viable matches with players
  • From claiming referral rewards

Users will have the capacity to get GGS by sending Ether (“ETH”) to the GGS design contract on the blockchain in a pre-sale. The interface will allow trading solutions with third partieslike Coinbaseand Shapeshift for those users who don’t have access to ETH.

Timeline for implementation

  • May, 2017: White Paper & Pre-Sale Announcement
  • Jun, 2017: Crowdsale starts
  • Aug, 2017: Crowdsale ends
  • Oct. 2017: Private Alpha version
  • Dec. 2017: Private Beta version
  • Jan. 2018: Public Beta version
  • Mar. 2018: Production version starts

If successful this will be the chance for gamers to play their favorite games in an area where there will be no way to cheat and no way to ruin the gaming environment for everyone.

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