How To Earn More Revenues From Mobile Apps

You’ve perhaps observed the significant change in the traditional way of surfing internet. Lots of people are no more using their PC as they have started relying on their handsets for using the internet. So, you want to create a wonderful mobile-friendly app, related to your brand. But, for better business, what you need to do is- monetization. Now, if you don’t know how to monetize mobile traffic, we like give you a comprehensible guide.

Create a list for emailing

We usually do not have the habit of changing email ID. So, daily emailing to your potential customers enables you to stick the brand name to their mind. In fact, there is a way of collecting several email addresses. You have to include a subscription option in your application. And it will prompt them to input those addresses.

Consider app re-skinning

If the codes of your app have led to great success, then many brands may request you for re-skinning it. With your code licensing approach, you may earn something. The present experience of the users will never get disturbed.

Place the right ads

It is another option for mobile application monetization. Exclusion of ads means loss of monetization opportunity. Online advertising with mobile applications enhances the interaction of customers and marketers. However, these ads may be of different categories, like-

  • Advertisement with a banner: You may place them at the base or top of the mobile screen.
  • Capture form: You can find it mostly in gaming software. It gives some benefits to the visitors, who have submitted their valid email IDs.
  • Popup ads: They notify the users about the existence of the ads. However, the app users do not always like such advertisements.  

Let your apps be available in free version

The users do not need to pay anything for downloading free apps. However, you may incorporate the option of in-app deals to gain money. But, it is also better to develop a separate premium edition, which offers advanced features to all the users. In fact, the free apps help everyone to know what you are offering with your product.

Look for partners

Your affiliation with a different brand is also a good step for monetization. The best partners always improve your own business. For instance, if the users of another mobile app find something interesting about your specific business, they can install your software.

So, follow these processes for monetizing your mobile app.