How to Easily Burn Your Favorite TV Series onto One DVD

Anyone who has watched a TV series before would vouch for the amount of content in one. Online TV series range from around 13 to 6 episodes for one season, which is why the process for burning an entire season’s worth of TV episodes together in one DVD can be a troublesome task.

To fit all the files in one disk, you would want to compress them, and use separate software for burning the disk. Here we educate you on how to burn a series of shows onto one DVD. Go through the guide and save all of your favorite series and episodes for viewing them later on.  

Compress Video Files

The first part of this guide would entail details about compressing the video files for better storage.

The steps in this part include:

Step 1

You need to begin by downloading a suitable video converter for your desktop. Video converters such as HandBrake or Movavi can work perfectly fine here. Both of these resources work perfectly fine with all kinds of video formats including AVI, 3GP, FLV and MP4. They also include multiple resources and options on how you can reduce the size of your file to a mentioned amount.

Step 2

Once downloaded and installed in your computer, you can open the converter on your desktop, and work on it. You can click the option for ‘Source’ on Handbrake and for ‘Add Files’ on Movavi to get to the compression stage. Once clicked, you can browse for the files you want to compress from your desktop, and click ‘Open’.

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Step 3

The third step requires you to specify and select the size of compression. You can drag the slider present on the left on Movavi editor and opt for your preferred compression amount. The approximate output of your compressed file would be displayed.

Step 4

You can, then, compress your video by clicking ‘Convert’. The conversion will take you anything from 30 seconds to an hour, depending on the size of the file being compressed. You will have to repeat this process for every episode in the series.

Burning a DVD

The second part of this guide is concerned with burning the compressed contents on a DVD. For this you need to follow the following steps:

Step 1

Download a DVD-management or authoring program like DVDStyler or Freemake. These programs will allow you to create individual files on your disk.

Step 2

Open the application for disk burning and open a new project. You can now create your own video queue by using the ‘+’ button at the bottom. Select all the files that you want burnt, and click the ‘Burn DVD’ option.

Step 3

Get a blank DVD, and insert it inside your computer and ‘Burn’. The process will usually take you around 30 minutes for burning the contents of a full DVD.