How to find a hosting company to help you with your website optimization?

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Every website owner and a person who is thinking of building a business online know the importance of the company that is going to host your website. Especially if you want to make your business popular and make a living out of your website. Most of the website owners, such as the female owners of this women’s lifestyle website in the U.S., prefer to start their projects with WordPress as it’s one of the most popular and easy to use website building tools. Having such a large community has some benefits but also hides some underwater rocks as sometimes it might be hard to find the right help while creating your dream website.

How to build a successful website?

With more than 30% of all websites all over the world created on WordPress it is by far the most widely used application and it has a reason for this. It comes with tons of templates some of them are free and some of them are Premium (paid) but all they can help you make a great business website.

Where to host your website?

Having fulfilled the first step – it is time to find a hosting company that is proficient in fully managed WordPress hosting and has an experienced team to handle all kind of WordPress requests that you might have. Another important factor when searching for a hosting company is to know and be sure that they will be there for you to help you with the website building process. Creating a website might be a hard work, especially if you are not a developer or designer, so the hosting company should have the options to help you with the logo design, the WordPress template customizations, and any website creation issues that might arise.

Finding a web hosting company that offers your solid server environment might be challenging as they all offer pretty much the same hosting features, but you should also be sure they give you the needed help in a timely manner. So pretty much find a hosting company that has the experience of creating, optimising and making popular hundreds and thousands of WordPress websites.

The way WordPress websites work is highly dependent on using numerous plugins. A good hosting company should have the experience in using the right plugins that are light, take little resources and are well written. If your website starts to take a lot of resources this might end up as a bad SEO signal for your visitors, the major search engine providers as Google and Yahoo and for your host as well. At the end, you might even get suspended if your WordPress website is not well optimized and if it is taking too many resources out of the shared hosting server.

How to optimize your website?

In order to have a fast and user-friendly website, you need to make it work fast. If your website is created with WordPress, there are numerous websites and resources that can help you with this process. If you are not a tech guy you can rely on your hosting company to help you. With the WordPress website optimization by WebHostFace, your website will be performing to the best guidelines of Google and other website performance tools.

The ultimate goal of every business website is to fully load within 2-3 seconds. Anything above this might be a sign of poorly created and optimized website or a hosting company that lack the technical knowledge to optimize their hosting servers.