How to Keep Tabs on Someone’s Online Activities Without Having their Cell Phone?

A decade ago, if you wanted to keep tabs on someone’s activities, either you had to dig into their garbage or peep through their window. Fast forward to this day andit’s easier than ever to invade into someone’s private affairs. Especially, if the suspected person is a workmate or pal, you are likely to be friends with them on Facebook.

But what if the suspect isn’t a friend or acquaintance?Thanks to massive proliferation of handheld devices and cell phone spy software, today, even a non-tech-savvy person cantrack an individual’s online activities from their own device. And that too without giving themselves away.

Apps that let you spy on other’s phones may be a way for you to uncover more about what the suspect is doing when you are not around. However, the million-dollar question is: Which cell phone spy software should you invest in?

Which Cell Phone Spy Software worth Your Money?

A simple search on Google will get you hundreds if not thousands of results when you type in the words cell phone spy software. In fact, spy app developers are working day in, day out to upgrade their respective apps that let you spy on other’s phones. However, only a handful of spyware actually delivers what they promise. As a result, it’s always a stiff task to make a prudent choice when choosing a spy app.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to peek into your spouse’s online activities, or a desperately seeking a way to monitor your teens’ whereabouts or for the matter of fact wants to keep tabs on the calls made by your employees from the office phone. A reliable cell phone spy software can be of immense value.

Here is a simple criterion to pick the best spy app:

  • Find out what it is you really want to achieve with the spyware.
  • Evaluate the app by checking its ratings and reading unbiased reviews.
  • Is it user-friendly?
  • How easy is it to the set up the spyware?
  • Does it remain invisible on the target device?
  • What do other users have to say about it?
  • Try the Live Demo (if available) before committing to a software purchase.
  • Does it actually allow you to monitor activities without having someone’s phone?
  • Keep the pricing in view.

Helpfully, these pointers will allow you to choose the best app that lets you spy other’s phone without losing your way. Because it often gets a little too confusing to gauge which surveillance software is worth your cash.

Still, Need Help?

We can help you in this respect by pointing out one of the best cell phone spy software, Xnspy. While you can gain substantial information about the spyware by visiting Also, here we have givenyou a profoundinsight into the nuances of the same. Just so you are in a better position to determine whether it’sworth investing in the tool or not.

Why We Picked Xnspy?

  • Xnspy is ranked among the top 5 cell phone spy software by
  • It offers roughly 30 features, more than what other spying apps proffer.
  • The spy application is extremely user-friendly, even non-tech-savvy people can use it without any hassle.
  • Setting up the software is a cinch. Even if you encounter a problem, the 24/7 live support is there to assist you.
  • It works in 100 percent stealth mode, so the target never gets to know about it.
  • In general, the app has earned rave reviews from users, but it doesn’t mean it has no limitations.
  • You can check out the live demo on Xnspy’s website before subscribing a plan.
  • And yes, I have tested it and it actually delivered the goods without having to touch the target smartphone.
  • Last but not least, the price (starting from $8.33 a month) is far low as compared to other cell phone spy software available on the market.

What Do You Need to Know About Xnspy?

Let me start off by saying that the surveillance program has earned a good repute for its role. In fact, the company behind the application is insistently working to upgrade the software and develop highly advanced features for both Android and iOS devices. For example, surround recording, geofencing, offline tracking, controllingdevice remotely,watch list alerts, etc. Other hallmarks of the app include impeccable performance, highly intuitive functionalities, and hassle-free management.

With this cell phone spy software, you will be able to spy on any problem remotely such as:

Instant messaging chats (WhatsApp, Facebook, iMessage, etc.)

  • Text messages
  • Phone logs
  • GPS location
  • Live screenshots
  • Multimedia files
  • Internet history
  • Monitor bookmarks
  • Calendar entries
  • Wipe data
  • Lock the device remotely
  • View installed apps

One of the key benefits of using this cell phone spy software is its easy accessibility. Xnspy can be accessed from any web browser without the user having to face any problem whatsoever. Moreover, 24/7 chat support is there to serve you, in case, you come across any technical or other issues.

Bottom Line

This is an ideal sleuthing solution when you are in dire need of a spyware to diminish the risk of plummeting productivity at work, keep your kids safe from virtual and real-world threats, and to validate your suspicions in case of infidelity. Additionally, you can set up the program in no time and start monitoring right away. Of course, needs can be diverse but this is probably the best riposte to all the problems, considering the variety of features, efficient tracking capability, and pricing of the app.