How to Make Cheap Calls from UK to India?

Indians are settled almost in almost every nook and corner of the globe and they always wish to keep in touch with friends and family back home. Technology has, in fact, made the world a small place and you can connect with your family and friends over audio or video calls.

If you are based in the UK, you have many options to keep calling India from UK either free of cost or at very nominal rates.

VoIP Options

The VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol technology) has made cheap calling to India a realised dream for all those living abroad. This is the simplest way to either make free calls or at very nominal rates in case you have to pay for the call. The most well-known company offering this service is Skype, but there are many more players in the market now offering reliable services at cheap rates.

The only prerequisite here is that both the caller and the receiver should have a 3G connection or a good Wi-Fi along with a smartphone or a tablet. Also, both should be logged on to the same service provider. Once these conditions are met, you can call free of cost and chat for any duration of time as the call happens using the existing Internet connection.

What If People Are Not on the Same App?

Everyday new apps keep surfacing in the market and it is not possible for everyone to keep downloading it on their phones. In such cases, there are apps which you download on your tablet or smartphone and once it is installed it will show your address book. Then you are assigned a local phone number for all your contacts. So, if you have to call anyone from your address book, you just need to dial that local number and pay the local price.

How about Those Who Don’t Have Access to the Internet?

Though smartphones are quite common, there is still a good percentage of the population that don’t have access to smartphones or the internet and are still content with landlines. So, do their friends or relatives abroad have cheap India calling option available?

VoIP is out for them, but they can still make calls at very nominal rates. For this, they will have to create a prepaid calling account with some service provider like Planet Numbers. This account works from all the mobiles as well as landline numbers in the UK. Once you have created the account, you need to register all the numbers that you will be calling from and make a prepayment of minimum £5.00.

All that you need to do now is call the local access number of the service provider followed by the Indian number along with the country code of 0091 and chat your heart out like any normal telephonic conversation.

The cost comes out to be approximately 2p/min as against 60p/min if you make a direct call from your number to India, which is a huge difference.

The technology today has made it super easy and cheap to connect to your loved ones back home. So, make maximum use of it.