How To Perform An Adwords Audit?

You can’t know if your Adwords account is sufficient until you’ve audited it. Hence, Adwords auditing is a must to evaluate how effective it is in marketing your brand.

Performing an auditing allows you to see the hidden issues that must be addressed. From there, you can work you way in improving the performance of your account.

Review your account goals

It must be your first step, so you’ll understand what you need to focus on. Conversion goals can be aplenty. Knowing what they are and their outcomes will help you set the tone.

Once you know what you want to accomplish, you can now dig deeper.

Ensure that your account has the right hierarchy

There’s no right or wrong structure. However, you want it in a way that lets you have control of your bid, budget, and ad, as well as overall management.

Review your campaign settings

When you consider your campaign, look into the geographic targeting. Is it accurate? Find countries or regions that you’re not targeting, but they’re included.

Another thing to consider is the device targeting. Make sure it’s appropriate for your case.

On the advanced location settings, configure it exactly as you want it for your audience.

Remember that ad groups are group of ads

Many marketers are confused about ad groups. For some, they meant a group of keywords. But it’s wrong.

Ad groups are actually a group of ads. In the audit, consider your ad groups to have ten keywords. They must align and complement each other and not compete. The best ad groups should have sufficient budget.

Look into the keywords and ads

You can easily get lost in keywords, negative matching, etc. During auditing, it’s vital that you identify the trends.

But don’t make updates. Evaluate the performance of your keywords based on your goals.

Review the negative keywords in use. Find out if the search query report has keywords that aren’t part of the subject matter and can affect your conversion goals.

After reviewing your keywords, look into your ads and test them. Each group must have an A and B version.

Analyze your landing pages

Although they’re external to AdWords, they can affect the performance of your campaign. They can even influence the metrics. That said, it would be wrong to overlook your landing pages.

To ensure optimal conversion, ensure that these pages have clear calls to action and must provide positive user experiences.

After auditing, make sure to document your notes and organize them so you can easily share your insights with others in your team.

If you don’t have time to audit your AdWords account, you might just want to consider leaving it to professionals. Contact  Websites Depot today to help you check your account: