How to Permanently Delete Files from SD Card?

SD cards are compact memory cards with plenty of storage space. It offers a significant amount of storage space and saves files, and most digital media devices, such as digital cameras, mobile phones, camcorders and others, prefer SD cards for storage, and also most of the time, SD cards deal with multimedia files such as photos, videos, and so on.

Did you have sensitive photos and personal videos on your SD card and want to delete them to prevent unauthorized access permanently? Or have you tried to clean the SD card by formatting? In reality, format or deleting cannot permanently delete files on an SD card. You need to use SD Shredder for permanent cleaning. But how can you do it? I mean, permanently delete files on an SD card?

AweEraser can meet your needs for permanently deleting files from an SD card. Unlike deleting or formatting, permanent delete data and overrides the disk space, For the deleted data not to be retrieved using data recovery software.

Three Mode to Permanently Erase Files from SD Card using AweEraser

AweEraser provides you with three (3) different data delete solutions that will assist you completely get rid of data files from your SD card. Regardless of whether you wish to get rid of particular files/folders or delete the whole SD card, this software program will help you delete data from your SD card without delay.

Mode 1: Delete files and folders on SD card.

Instead of deleting or erasing the entire SD card, this option allows you to delete files or folders from the SD card selectively. For instance, it can help you erase certain photos or documents. The steps are straightforward. Just add the files/folders you want to delete to the delete list and then click the “Erase” button to delete selected files/folders from the SD card permanently.

Mode 2: Wipe all the data off the SD card.

This “Clean partition/device” option can help you permanently erase all data on the SD card. Not only deleting existing data, but also deleting deleted/lost data and history traces on the SD card. Simply connect the SD card to your computer, then select it and click the “Erase” button to erase all data from the micro SD card.

Mode 3: Erase deleted/lost data from SD card.

The necessity to permanently delete files on a micro SD card is essential because it helps to prevent the leakage of information. We know that erased or formatted data can be recovered with data recovery software around. But, along with this option, it will help you delete unused SD card space as well as erase permanently formatted/deleted/lost data and traces.

AweEraser supports deletion of any file on an SD card e.g emails, photos, videos, documents, music, data, etc. It is only necessary to download and install it on a computer or Mac and then connect the SD card to your computer/Mac computer. If you are planning to throw the SD card into the trash bin, you’ll better clean up all existing data and history. Mode 2 can help you do the job perfectly.

In conclusion, after deleting, keep in mind that there is no way to recover data after deleting, so you need to save everything you need from your SD before undergoing the above steps. This is important because AweEraser will permanently delete your files or data without the ability to recover data.

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