Useful League of Legends services

League of Legends | Online services you need to check 

League of Legends is continuously evolving gaming sphere, and many interesting and useful online services are created to easier your life on the Summoner’s Rift. Let’s start about data-collecting websites where you could receive info about almost everything, from the most popular rune build on ADC to the popularity of some champions.

Informational LoL Service | LoLKing 

Services like LoLKing are collecting various data and now it is the most popular website that provides the freshest information about League of Legends. If you ever wanted to check other Summoners stats, or just need a cool website where you could find fresh cybersport news from the League of Legends, then now you know that LoLKing is right here to provide all news about LoL.

But why do you need to use LoLKing to become better in LoL? Because using LoLKing you could always be prepared for any matches in the battlefields. Make some researches before you start to play, to see which champions are enters new meta-gaming, and how to counter them.

Just make sure that you know how to fight with the most popular champions according to the LoLKing and you will see how easier matches will be from this point. Just choose your Elo Division, select the time period, and you will receive a detailed information about all:

  • Champions with highest pick rate
  • Champions with highest ban rate
  • Most popular Champions
  • Least popular Champions
  • Various matchups
  • Best item build

And this is far from the end of this list. If you interested, then visito official website of the LoLKing.

Boosting LoL Service | Boosteria Company 

Boosting is a very popular among the players of LoL, but what company is the most trustworthy? I personally prefer Boosteria Company, because it is one of the oldest Elo Boosting services among the competitors that keeping their prices at the lowest mark as possible. I do not know how they do it, but they have wonderful players in their team, which could carry the most spoiled match.

Firstly Boosteria was a small League of Legends boosting service, but they fastly developer into the one of the largest and ambitious project among competitors.

There are a lot of advantages that you may meet at the Boosteria, but i want to highlight the most priceless to me personally:

  • Refer-a-Friend program. Yep, league of legends is a game for a team, and I just love that feeling when you win matches. But I with my friends met too many trolls in MM, so we decided to order a boost. We chose Boosteria exactly thanks to the Refer-a-Friend. We both receiving nice bonuses and discount to the future purchases, every time one of us is ordering a boost.
  • Loyalty Program. Special Boosteria Points that are accumulating on your personal account, and could be used to receive additional discounts (by the way, right now they are offering a 40% discount) for any services in their list.

Also Boosteria have a special Guide page, where they posting extremely interesting articles about League of Legends, Champions, Skins and In-Game Events.