How To Research Keywords In Just 30 Minutes? An Easy Writer’s Guide!

As a business owner or a blogger, you are short of time. For increasing the lead generation and website click selecting right keywords are very important. You must be aware that how many people are searching your products or services. You can consult with a digital marketing company in Mumbai.

Here are some of the quick ways that can help you to search the right keywords.

  1. Keyword research for your website

The searching of keywords for your website/blog helps to improve the ranking of your page.

  • You must analyze the top 5 or 10 websites related to your web page.
  • List down the common navigation items. Use advanced Google tools for detailed
  • You can also make a list of Google drop down recommendations before hitting enter.
  • Your list is ready, but you need to know how many times that particular keyword is searched.
  • In this case, take the help of Google keyword planner. Here, you will know about the competition and average monthly searches for that particular keyword. On entering one keyword, you get the list of multiple keywords.

P.S.: You can also pick competitive bids to be used for AdWords campaigns.

  1. Content research of competitor

You can analyze your competitor’s web pages on SimilarWeb. You can learn the type of content your audience is looking for. Take the tour of these pages and make a list of specific keywords.

With the help of Google trends, you can look for competitive content and extract out the keywords used. You can get to know the importance of a particular keyword. It tells you from where the traffic is coming by searching the similar keywords. You can compare two keywords to know that which keyword is popular.

  1. Long tail Keywords

Keyword tool is a very common keyword research medium to look for long tail keywords.  It is a free tool. It uses a feature of Google called autocomplete. The terms suggested by this tool is based on the search done by the user for that keyword.

It helps you to learn what people are looking for your topic. It also suggests the keywords in the alphabetical order. It exports the keywords to use for SEO, content creation, and PPC/CPC.

  1. Paid keyword tools

Let’s go through them one by one:

  • Term explorer – It gives you 10,000 keyword variations from a single keyword. It is one of the best tools that keep the searches relevant. It gives you a detailed result of average monthly searches, PPC competition, and average CPC. If you want to use this tool only for few times, then the free version is also available.
  • Accuranker – It helps you to track the ranking of a particular keyword. It can save your many hours spent on tracking the progress of your keywords. It also helps to analyze the rank of your pages in different countries.

You can go for free tools or paid tools according to your requirement. It helps you to search the specific keywords in 30 minutes time. Start researching for the specific keyword according to your business.