IMEI Changer APK

This question has two possible answers, the first one is the short answer and the second one is the long answer. In any other case I wouldn’t dare to take much of your time and bore you with the long answer, but in this case I think it is worth and you will never regret taking your time to read it in detail.

Short answer is that the IMEI handset can be changed by applying a SIM change code. But since that doesn’t tell us much I will go with the long answer to that question, which in truth is not that long at all so don’t worry; you will still have all the free time in the world after you have read this.

The long answer:

The SIM change code which is the solution of your SIM lock obstacle is a set of numbers arranged accidentally by the carrier and applied to your device. This code is kept safely away and is fetched only when your contract with that carrier is expired and you make a request for the change. Since after the contract you have the full right of this code, the carrier’s employees will gladly give you the code, but only after a few days, a few weeks or after as long as possible.

It is bad enough that you had to wait for two years for the contract to end, and now this! I know it is annoying as it sounds, but of course that is not the only way that you can obtain the SIM change code. Yell the future is now whit the imei changer apk service for free!

The other way is by relying on a special tool that can enter this well-guarded database and withdraw the code you need from there.

To the skeptics this may sound as a “mission impossible” but believe me it is very possible and thousands of users already got the SIM change codes for their IMEI cell phone devices. You could be one of them already!

The software that I recommend to you works very swiftly and with no interruptions. The only “bad guy” in this situation can be your internet connection, or your computer, if it decides to stop working while the procedure is on. But, to put these two things aside, the entire code-fetching, SIM changing scenario will be done and over with in under half an hour and in most cases in less time than that.

To cut to the chase, the tool that you need for your SIM change code is the one and only IMEI Changer Apk service. This application is not only compatible with computers but with tablets and laptops as well. It works on any operative systems including the Android.

Once it is installed and downloaded for FREE, I repeat- for free, you should stick to the following step-by-step directions:

  1. Connect the IMEI mobile phone device to the computer with an USB cable. Clearly, it should be the IMEI device that you wish to change.
  2. Click on the IMEI Changer Apk tool two times and open it.
  3. Find the IMEI code of your IMEI handset by dialing *#60# and enter it in the field provided for that.
  4. Find the carrier and the country of your IMEI device and fill these details in the fields provided as well. If you happen to have bought your IMEI from a second-hand retailer and you don’t know these details, use the IMEI calculators you can find online to discover the carrier and the country of your interest.
  5. Provide a valid email address of yours.
  6. Click on the option that is marked as “generate”.
  7. While the code is being generated you can pick and choose from any SIM card by any carrier in and out of the country you live in.
  8. Insert one of these SIM cards and power on your IMEI handset.
  9. You will be asked to enter an change code before you can use the IMEI further.
  10. Enter the code from the email and finish this process as quickly as you started it.

The SIM change via the IMEI Changer Apk is permanent and universal. It doesn’t matter which SIM card you had entered at the time of typing the SIM change code, the changing is valid for all SIM cards now. Moreover, this way of changing is widely accepted because it is not against the law and you are not running the risk of damaging your IMEI mobile phone, but instead you’re giving it a chance to function better than ever!