Implementing cloud in some capacity – 6 compelling reasons for the move

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As more than 800,000 laptops get stolen everyday in the world, your data aren’t safe when kept on a local device. If you have a company which have grave concerns regarding your security, it’s not plausible to avoid cloud. Shifting to the cloud is perhaps the easiest and safest way that can be chosen by companies. In fact, as per recent reports, cloud computing is predicted to increase from $67B in the year 2015 to $165B by the end of 2020, obtaining an annual growth rate of 19%.

Gartner foresees that the worldwide cloud services market will flourish by 18% in 2017 to $248.6B, which is a figure up from $209.7B in 2016. Moreover, 75% of the CFOs or Tech Chief Financial Officers say that cloud computing can have the biggest measurable impact on enterprises in 2017. So, now that you’re intrigued by the whole idea of moving to the cloud, let’s check out few worthy reasons behind this move.

Reason #1: Versatility

With your business growth, you automatically need a simultaneous growth in your resources too. You have to update the bandwidth, storage space and everything else. During the overhaul, the on-premise systems will take longer time but with the cloud, you can continue doing your on-premise jobs despite of the major overhaul.

Reason #2: Secure and stable

The conventional approach involves waiting for something to break and then investing time in fixing things. But with regards to cloud, there are always automatic updates which enhance the policy of staying safe than sorry.

Reason #3: Reduction of infrastructure costs

As long as cloud computing is concerned, you will typically have to pay only for what you need. You can even scale up and down depending on the number of users you have at present without incurring any long-term costs. This clearly means that the tied-up fund in IT goes away and the start-up costs also get alarmingly small.

Reason #4: Rapid collaboration

You may be located at one corner of the globe and some other guy may be at another corner but if you both have access to the internet, you can have easy access to any kind of information which you may require for some project that’s not working. So, cloud computing can keep your employees collaborated.

Reason #5: Security

Your on-premise systems have their security protocols developed and promised by your network administrator but the security protocols of your cloud server are developed by some of the best security analysts. So, you can well understand which is more secure.

Reason #6: Environment-friendly

You, being the CEO of an enterprise, should be careful about taking care of Mother Earth as this is important during a time when all companies are adopting the ‘green revolution’. Cloud protocol is better because it is ‘greener’. It doesn’t let any kind of natural imbalances to take place.

Therefore, if you’re someone who hasn’t yet tried cloud solutions, it may be crucial for you to adopt it as soon as possible. Take into account the reasons to move to the cloud listed above.