The HPE Static Code Analyzer

Software development is a tedious process and the ones writing the codes are constantly faced with obstacles. Between tight deadlines, shrinking budgets, and the increasing complexity expected of the new software, developers often overlook the security of the software. Security is a vital aspect of any software in the current day and age as we often have personal information, passwords, and contact details linked to virtually every application we interact with.

A useful tool for assuring the security of software applications is a static code analyzer like Checkmarx. The Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers a similar service called the Security Fortify Static Code Analyzer. It is a static code analyzer used by security professionals and development groups to check the security of their software. The way it works is that the analyzer scans software codes and identifies and helps resolves any security issues that may have been missed by the human developers.

A static code analyzer allows developers to pinpoint the root causes of any security vulnerabilities in the vast amount of code that dictates the function of any software. The HPE Security Fortify static code analyzer also correlates and prioritizes the results of each scan to speed up intervention actions. To get the most out of a static code analyzer, it is recommended to start using it in the early stages of the software development and to use it often subsequently.

The HP fortify static code analyzer is a good option for software developers as it supports more than twenty programming languages including C or C++, HTML, JavaScript, and Visual Basic. It prioritizes the vulnerabilities detected in the software coding and helps provide an action plan to fix the issues. The action plan and prioritizing guidelines that the HPE Security Fortify static code analyzer is based on are constantly updated by the HPE Security Fortify Software Research group.

Furthermore, the static code analyzer by HP Enterprise is a flexible program that can easily be integrated into your existing development environment, allowing for a convenient and quick start-up of the tool that would be a minimal hassle for software developers.

The development of a software includes bringing together many functions coming from different sources. Sometimes the coding from different sources or developers may differ. This and a large number of sources makes the creation of applications and software a very complex project. With the HPE Fortify Security static code analyzer’s ability to recognize a variety of programming languages, it is able to identify any possible risks across the different sources.

The HPE Security Fortify static code analyzer is an efficient tool, on top of all the other benefits of the program. The analyzer boasts an increased scan speed with the incremental scanning option. This option directs the program to analyze only the parts of the code that have changed since it last full scan. This saves developers precious time so they can focus on other aspects of software development and deliver quality applications with maximum security.