International courier services – make the process of sending a parcel very hassle free

If you wished to send a parcel to any international place such as Hong Kong or Canada in the past, then you had to face huge expenses. This was because in past there were a limited number of courier services that charged very high from their clients. But now days because of the globalization and open economy many courier services have emerged who can deal nationally as well as internationally. Best advantage of emerging of new courier services is enjoyed by the consumers as now they can send cheap parcel to Hong Kong very easily.

 More about these services

You can find many of such excellent services by browsing load board at Shiply. Best part of these services is that these services also provide you many additional services. For ex – when you Post parcel to Canada and in parcel you send something expensive then in that situation these services also provide you the insurance of your parcel that means if anything happens to your parcel the courier service will be responsible for the loss and they also pay the market cost of parcel. In order to provide best customer experience they also provide door pick up service that means you don’t need to go to their store for the parcel. These services are also known for their flexibility because if you choose door pickup service they come to pick the parcel at a time that is suggested by you and they also provide various modes of shipping a parcel such as if you need urgent delivery then you can choose express delivery that may costs you extra but if you have time then it is best to choose a regular delivery mode because it is cheap and your parcel will get delivered in 2-3 working days. When sending a parcel internationally then courier services also take care of all the paperwork and make sure that your parcel successfully clears the custom rules and regulations