iPhone Software Is What Every Parent Needs to Keep Up with Kids and Other Parent

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This iPhone software is especially handy when you need to locate as well as contact your family. The family Obit’s newest feature makes it so easy no matter where the family is located.

Download first

All you need to do is to get started is simply to download and have access to all the iPhone apps as well Android devices that members use every day. You can get a free copy of this software for use for a period of time.

Install and use

Using this family tracker app is so very easy – you just log into the special account on your phone or your computer and all the features are there for you to use. The real-time locator will show you instantly where everyone of your family members or all the time. There is also a location history of where your children are especially if something has happened and you need to get their attention easily.

Two great features

This software has some great features such as:

  • Geo Fence
  • Panic or Pickup

Geo fence

Geo fence will let you know that your child got to grandmother’s ok by using the subway for the first time. Then the Panic or Pickup gives your child a way that is quick to let you know to hurry and pick them up.


The family locator also allows message or share photos with your family the same time or one-on-one. It also goes cross-platform so that you can keep a check on your kids no matter what device you have or they are using.

Install and use

Very easy to install.

  1. Create your account on the app
  2. Install the app on each cell phone and add them to the main account
  3. Then you just use the Family locator by your device any time