iPhone X: Samsung earns with components more on Apples Smartphone-flagship than in his Galaxy S8

Finally, reveals: Apples new Smart phone-flagship

It is the everlasting duel around thecrown of the Smart phon-branch: Appleversus Samsung – the South Koreanssell after numbers of pieces more, whileApple runs by far higher profits. Nevertheless,
besides, Samsung has no reason to grudge Apple the sales success in new iPhone X – on the contrary. Really the most valuable group of South Korea participates with iPhoneX because of the exclusively made OLED display so strongly as never in the sales of an Apple-Smartphones.

Then about three weeks still – can become active limited Apple fan and come true an early Christmas wish: On the 27th of October the advance orderphase begins, as everybody knows, for with tension expected iPhone X which should come one week later to trade(even if probably only in extremely limited edition).
For Apple it goes with the first biggermajor overhaul iPhones during the pastthree years around a lot – the cult groupneeds a new best-seller to fetch backthe growth run out last year again.

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Samsung might earn 110 dollars ever iPhone X

Just the archrival Samsung which hasdelivered violent feuds including manyyears’ judicial discussions to itself with Apple during the past years and triesover and over again to preempt Apple with Produktlaunches might wish onlythe best the cult group from Cupertino with the Launch iPhone X.

The reason: Samsung producesexclusively for iPhone X the new OLEDdisplay which is used with own Smartphone-flagship Galaxy S8.

How Counterpoint Technology reckons up, Samsung as a supplier iPhone X kaufen even better than with the components of own flagship might earn Galaxy S8 which numbers the Hongkonger market research enterprise because of the bigger extent (possibly chips) at 202 dollars.

The calculation for a period up to the summer, 2019 goes in such a way: While Counterpoint calculates on the fact that Samsung can set down till then 50 million models of the Galaxy S8, should be able to sell Apple 130 millions iPhoneX.

All in all, Samsung for a period would receive 14.

3 milliard dollars from Cupertino for the components for iPhone X from 20 months with it, while the components of the Galaxy S8 mightrinse “only” 10. 1 milliards in the cashes. So or so: There remains a Win Win-situation for the South Koreans.