What To Do With .b6z Files

Everyone knows Macs are easy to use.  But one aspect of Mac OS X continues to confuse the less nerdy among us.  This is the B6Z file.

These days, most files are downloaded over the internet.  Mac OS X has popularized the use of zipped files (.b6z files) as a means of transferring documents.  They’re easy to use once you understand how they work.

The .b6z file is the actual file that contains all of the data.  When you double click on a .b6z file, it extracts all the contents contained within to the current directory.  You can tell it is an archive file based on the icon.

If you have not already, you must install the popular B6Zip archiver to use .b6z files.  This file format is considered as having the highest compression ratio, as well as among the fastest decompression.

And the most common application that comes this way is without a doubt, pdf documents and other files in emails.

Tip: If you have trouble opening b6z files by double-clicking on them, even if you have B6Zip installed, try right-clicking and using the context menu.  For example, B6Zip opens .b6z files with the B6Zip > Open archive option.

Some free file converters can convert .b6z files to a variety of other archive formats, like ZIP, 7Z, TAR, GZ, RAR, and others.