Although a chiropractor completes a lot of work by hand, a variety of specialized tools are needed to give certain treatment. Chiropractic tools are intended to help in many situations. This can range from providing different treatment methods, measuring the extent of a condition, to determining the success of a treatment method.

Brand new on the market is the TheraGun G2PRO, a sixth-generation vibration therapy device used to treat muscles, relieves pain and increases blood flow; TheraGun is used to increase blood flow, decrease lactic acid, and disrupt the cycle of pain. Empower yourself to do more of what you love with the next level in vibration therapy.

Created by a Chiropractor, the TheraGun is for patients looking for superior muscle therapy to improve recovery and wellness. TheraGun products have been successful in providing relief for the pain caused by multiple sclerosis, plantar fasciitis and even phantom pain.

OK, so it’s not a foam roller necessarily. And before you freak out we’re suggesting you get snag with a “gun,” listen to us. Developed by a sports chiropractor, TheraGun seems like a powerful tool. It is designed to help athletes facilitate their own muscle recovery by repeatedly pressing a foam-covered ball into the muscles. Complete with a ball and cone accessory, you can customize your gun experience to what your muscles are really looking for. And if it’s good enough for Kyrie Irving, we’d say it would be great for you too.

Something that has existed for quite some time TheraGun offers vibration therapy, but with portability. Amplitude and frequency create the “ideal sauce” for vibration therapy on the go, said Dr. Jason Wersland, creator of the Theragun. The idea of vibration therapy is to move glycogen to the muscle while emptying the system with micro contractions that activate the muscle for use. By increasing glycogen to muscle, you have enough fuel ready to burn. Vibration increases blood flow, breaks down scar tissue, lowers lactic acid, and releases muscle spasms. The frequency of the device is calibrated to interrupt brain pain receptors, which reduces discomfort during treatment.

TheraGun muscle massager could be the non-human massager to end all massagers. In fact, I would bet that a crisp Abe Lincoln could give most human professionals a run for their money as well. Tension and relief of pain, increased blood flow, relaxation…

TheraGun is one of the most popular new muscle relaxants for pain relief and our Truspine Clinic has it! Easy to use battery-operated handheld device, TheraGun uses a strong, vibrating ampbit that relieves pain quickly and efficiently. This product is being used by professional athletes and now you can also experience it at our clinic!

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