Laboratory Information Management Systems

Whether your business is centered around pure scientific research goals or simply relies on research & development for its products and services, your laboratories are always on the job, taking on new projects and churning out data. With all the activity, observations and results produced on a daily basis by various lab personnel, it can be tough to stay on top of things like data tracking, workflow management and other everyday “paperwork” sorts of tasks. Fortunately, with the assistance of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), your company can improve lab efficiency and save time and money on administrative work by automating many of these oft-repetitive duties. Image result for Laboratory Information Management Systems

Much like other non-scientific content management systems used in offices worldwide, LIMS is a software-based solution to everyday laboratory tracking issues and information management. Originally, LIMS was a concept limited to lab sample management, but has since expanded to work with a wide variety of relevant information types. Because it is a flexible, software-based system, LIMS systems can easily be customized to suit any company’s laboratory needs, including data analysis, assay data management, data mining, electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) storage and more. Since the 1970s, the ease and convenience of LIMS systems have improved the efficiency of laboratories across a broad range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, electronics, food and beverage science, environmental research, medicine and many others.  

LIMS systems are highly configurable, offering nearly any system of information management a laboratory might require, including business-side tasks such as audit management, regulatory compliance, customer relationship management, personnel management, workload management, quality assurance/quality control, data entry, reporting, time tracking, workflows and other often time-consuming tasks. By employing a full suite of specialized lab management tools, companies can not only improve project turnaround times, but also reduce the rate of errors, saving lab personnel from time-consuming and potentially costly reworks. 

With the help of a user-friendly digital LIMS system such as BlazeLIMS, the many seemingly-complicated elements of running a laboratory (or several laboratories) become centralized and computer-managed with incredible accuracy and improved protection from human transcription errors. BlazeLIMS is feature-rich and completely personalized, with strong customer engagement, regular recurring field demos, a custom implementation process (optimized around your company’s needs and schedule) and responsive ongoing technical support. Plus, BlazeLIMS high affordability means that most laboratories can expect to see 100% return on investment within the first year, and prospective customers can enroll in a 60-day free trial to explore the system’s suitability and benefits with professionals on-site.