Latest Trend in Photography using under 500 dollar camera drones

Long gone are the days, when drones are just used for military purposes. Presently, they are used for a lot of other things. For instance, drones are used these days for capturing majestic landscape views even from an elevated position which is not possible manually. There are various drones under 500 available in the market for people who are passionate about photography. 

Drones under $500 for Wild Photography

Drones are being quite beneficial for wildlife photographers as there are daunting technological challenges involved with wildlife. There is a lot of risks involved in this field and spooking through drones can be helpful. The budget can be advantageous which comes with high quality and better resolutions. It has provided prestige and charm to people who used to capture images, especially from skies. 

Reasons for using Drones

People prefer buying drones to capture some breath-taking images and videos. The capability of a drone depends on the kind selected by the user, that is why it’s important to consider its specifications while buying the same. In case you are not familiar with the specifications, you can go for the branded ones, check their reviews and ratings and then decide which one to buy. Some of the brands are Phantom, UPair and GoPro Hero which comes in different series.

Drones available in the market can be divided into two categories such as super cheap drones which can fly for five minutes with a full charge. The other one includes hard-core oriented drones which are a bit expensive. They are fully stocked with features like high definition camera, long-range radio controllers, and GPS. Some best drone under 500 have got different high-end features like quad copter friendly 4K camera attachments, indoor tracking, and obstacle avoidance systems.

Most of the drones are tested to shoot rock-steady footage even when there are strong winds. They are able to avoid small obstacles in the path. They can be perfect but can occasionally run through winds and trees and can knock out the sky with inclement weather.

Considerations while Purchasing

If you are planning to purchase a drone for outdoor work, there are wide choices available in the market. In case of entry-level professional units, you can find a camera that can be able to capture images and flight controls that a beginner can use. Be careful to avoid low-cost units because they lack some sophisticated flight controls from reputable manufactures. They also come with a cheap quality image. Make sure you purchase the drone from the official dealer instead of buying it from a kiosk at a mall.


Always take time to look into the regulations and rules for using a drone and suggestions should be followed for the operation. There are various websites that can guide you in purchasing cheap drones under $500 or less  from reputable stores. Some websites like are run by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International in collaboration with FAA. The user should be aware of the local federal laws and surroundings before using a drone. Registration is essential for operating drone, even recreationally and it can be done easily with the FAA. Failing to do the registration can result in fines and jail time. To keep yourself and your aerial photography agency from any legal consequences, hiring a drone pilot who has passed the FAA approved course on Drone operation  would be a very good idea.