Latest X5GW With Its Upgraded 6 Axis Gyro Service And More

For capturing those long shots from sky, you need modern mechanism. Those simple cameras won’t work and you need drone, which can fly and take pictures, at the same time. Well, 6 axis gyro feature loaded X series is one such example for you to harp on. Through this mechanism, you are able to get that perfect shot, you have been eyeing for so long. With feature-loaded mechanism, this gyro is the ultimate example of latest invention taking place. The latest is the X5W model from RC Hobbies and it is more powerful than the previous version, X5C. Furthermore, there are more features that what you have seen in previous models.

Get down to features:

This X5GW is the upgraded version of Gyro and known for its high quality and shiny shell. It comprises of reinforced landing gear alongside real time Wi Fi viewing and what not! This aircraft is designed to cover outdoor and indoor with video and photo viewing at its best. This package comprises of 360 degree 3D roll with additional headless function. This item features 6 axis stabilization systems. It comprises of with locked-in flight performance service. It is perfect not just for beginners but for some advanced pilots, as well.

Basic and advanced features:

Other than offering Wi Fi version and 360 degree 3D eversion, this product has something more to it. The mechanism is designed for supporting IOS and android users alike. Moreover, the camera is of 0.3 MP with 4CH aircraft. It comprises of some amazing functions like left or right sideward fight, up or down, forward or backward, left or right turns with lights.  Other than 6 axis gyro, this product further comprises of strong stability along with stronger wind resistance. It is easy to control and can implement multiple flight movements easily. For flying this item, you need 4 AA batteries and you are off to a great start.

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