RC Cars racing will never be the same with this GPTOYS Foxx S911monster truck.

In today’s era two-wheel drives radio-controlled monster truck are the most desired RC Hobbies/Tech toys. Although many times we do not pay much attention to technical specifications of these devices, as soon as they can work and go fast, but this time  worth analyzing the characteristics of this RC cars.

The GPTOYS Foxx S911 goes beyond all the conventional rules of design, quality and technology: with its protection of the charging voltage, low power protection, protection against overheating, a metal transmission shaft and precise steering control, can compete with 8 cars at the same time in the same field.Isn’t that amazing?

“GPTOYS Foxx S911” More than a RC Car is a big truck that worth driving

This is a true racing vehicle, even 80 meters away you can continue to control it, it can go at a top speed of up to 42 km / h and its standard size is 32 x 26.5 x 15 cm.But the most amazing thing about this Monster truck seems to be its 800MA-Li-ion battery. Many users have say that the battery life can be extended to 40 minutes if it is not driven at full speed but at slow or moderate speed. So, this is one of the RC cars that last long and give you more fun.

The GPTOYS Foxx S911 is made of a very resistant plastic and comes in blue or black, in a package with a remote control, a spare battery, a charger, a special screwdriver and does not need to be assembled like most RC toys. Its weight is approximately 1078gr, this is due to the diameter of its giant wheels (105mm).Despite this, the performance on the track is matchless.There is even a model that is waterproof and can be driven on muddy surfaces.

The fastest of the monster trucks: GPTOYS Foxx S911

This Truck is Equipped with variable mounting positions for super-smooth performance over extremely rough surfaces and controlled landings over large jumps.The aggressive tread pattern not only looks tough but has plenty of biting edges to grapple just about any type of terrain from gravel and boulders to sand and sidewalks.Also, has shock absorption and collision avoidance design with a powerful GP brush 390 motor, the largest in its class.

As you can see, this GPTOYS Foxx S911 and RC cars is full of advantages, and customer reviews indicate that it is very heavy which improves its traction system; you can certainly prepare to beat anyone on the track with it.