Starting Off With Email Marketing? Let Instagram Experts Help You With Thorough Steps To Gain The Ultimate Results

Recent studies have stated that there are three times more email accounts available when compared to Twitter and Facebook accounts combined. There are around 6 times more chances to get a click through from email most likely than Twitter. As one savvy marketer, you might have come across reports showing emails to have the highest ROI of any marketing channel available. On the other hand, you are probably keen to start using it for driving sales and even revenue for the said business. How can you exactly get started on that? What will be the steps you might have to take to get up and running with the said emails and ensure that campaigns prove to be a huge success? For that, you might want to head on with the pros with their official channels on Instagram, ready to help. Always look for the one with highest followers for Instagram as this count says a lot about the importance the person hold.

Get set to establish the goals first:

It can often prove to be rather tempting to just sign up for the email marketing tool simply like Campaign Monitor and start sending out the first campaign. Before you jump right into this session, it is always important to take a minute off to thin about goals and what you actually want to achieve with emails. It helps in dedicating the form of campaign you are willing to send, the target audience, the included content and ways to measure success, to name a few.

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  • Email always needs to be the vital component of every possible digital marketing plan as the effectiveness helps in driving conversions and then building brand loyalty. The major key to create the proper goals for email marketing initiative is mainly by aligning them with KPIs and wider marketing goals of the company.
  • Is the company’s goal to drive in some new signups for the items? Are you looking for some new leads for sales team? Do you have more attendees for event? Are you checking out for some more donations for cause? Be sure to get these points covered and get things right in here.
  • Email marketing happens to be the single most promising channel to just reach the audience. It can also be used for achieving number of various objectives. So, it is always worth spending some extra time in thinking about what you plan to achieve with it before jumping right into it.

Some examples to help:

To be your guide for identifying the goals and what it might be, there are some noted examples available on how the campaign monitor customers can use the email marketing at its best. These examples are from some of the noted pros in this regard.

  • BuzzFeed: This is a popular entertainment and news website earning revenue by selling ads on site. So, the primary objective over here is to drive some more traffic. Keeping this point in mind, the company will end up sending some regular email newsletters, which comprise of links to stores on website with goal of increasing visiting numbers every month and increasing revenue amount they generate.
  • Unicef: This well-known and noted globalized charity organization helps in offering some humanitarian aids and assistance to children and mother in some of the developing nations around world. Success to the revenue growth of this digital marketing team is associated with donations. So, they are actually using email marketing for reaching out to donor base, educating them on the aid products and asking for donations.
  • Rip Curl: This is noted to be a globalized surfing brand, known for generating revenue through the sale of tees, wetsuits, board shorts and some of the other surfing items. The main goal of marketing department is to increase sales. That’s why, they are known to use email for promoting some new items they are willing to launch to try driving people to physical or online stores for purchasing items.
  • Soho House: This is a prestigious club for the members only and also a regular hangout arena for the media moguls and celebrities from around the globe. The main goal of this marketing team is to match up with the member base, well engaged in club and then regularly using facilities. It is noted so that they can use the email marketing for keeping members updated on functions and events they can clearly attend.
  • SXSW, Inc: This is a lean organization known for organizing some of the noted events in world, which will be including music and interactive festivals, SXSW film and more on a yearly count. The main aim of the marketing team is to help in increasing ticket sales and addressing to more attendees at such events. So, they are able to use the notion of email marketing for keeping the subscribers updated as some of the new speakers and artists to join line up.

Through these examples, you get the chance to plan what you are willing to achieve next with email before you even start sending some. It helps in making the tasks a lot easier to identify what you are willing to send and to whom. It can further help you to create some of the high performing and focused email campaigns, which might help in achieving the right marketing goals.

Be sure to create the perfect email list:

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Once you have established the proper email goals and results you want to achieve, it is now time to create email list so that you can start sending campaigns those goals. There are some important ways to build email list. Among the lot, the right method for each one of the campaign will solely depends on the goals that you have established as mentioned in the first step.

If you find it difficult to work on email marketing for your business, make sure to ask experts for the same. They are down to help you in big ways possible.