Link Building Basics

Carrie Bono
January 6, 2017

Search engines see the quality and quantity of links to a site as a
sign of the site’s authority. The more authority Google and other
search engines see in a site, the higher it will be ranked for relevant
keywords. Businesses can use this to their advantage to target keywords
that can attract visitors in the buying stage to make the next step and
purchase a service or product. This shows the power of link building
for your site. First of all, you need to learn the basics. Utilizing
Google’s Webmaster Tools is crucial for search engine optimizers and
webmasters looking to rank their sites. It’s a tool that provides a lot
of valuable information, especially when starting with SEO.

How do you start using Google’s Webmaster Tool? First, you sign up for
A Google account or use any existing account you may have. Then you
install a code provided by Google into the HTML file of your site to
link it to Google’s Webmaster Tool. This allows the tool to gather
important and helpful data from your site as well as show Google that
this site is indeed yours. The data includes indexing information of
your site on Google and information on the current backlinks pointing
to your site. Just make sure your site is clean of errors, broken
pages, and that the meta tags are set up properly.Image result for SEO link building.

You can use Google’s Webmaster Tool to determine how people access and
find your site. Under “Your Site on the Web,” click “Search Queries.”
There you can filter and arrange keyword results by traffic, search
type, or location. These results can be downloaded to a spreadsheet,
where it would be a good idea to indicate the landing page for each
result. Use this basic tactic to find high traffic keywords to
come up with your backlinking plan.

Before you start a full-out backlinking campaign, under “Your Site on
the Web,” click “Links to Your Site.” This shows the current sites
linking back to yours, their relevance, how often they link to you, and
anchor text for their hyperlinks that point to your site. The data can
also be exported as a spreadsheet so you can figure out what kinds of
sites to post to as well as what kind of content would be considered
relevant links. The information here provides a good
starting point for SEO link building.

Many search engine optimizers start their link building blindly,
Without any thought or structure. In reality, it’s much better to have
quality links than an abundance of low-quality links, and having
Google’s Webmaster Tools in your arsenal gives you a good basic idea of
how to go the high-quality route.

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