Liztek Portable Wireless Doorbell Is Best For Both Home And Office

The wireless doorbell by Liztek is a perfect choice in the present market when you require for the replacement for the old doorbell that is broken. It is a trouble free doorbell with a wireless design works with the range of 300 meters or 1000 feet. It is a best choice to make sure that you don’t miss a visitor never again.

This doorbell by liztek just requires you to plug it in to use it right away. It is designed with 4 different volume levels to help you choose the best level that meets your hearing needs. You can also choose from 52 types of chimes to enjoy a musical doorbell every time. You can now say goodbye to the standard doorbell sounds, as you can now enjoy hearing your favourite chime with your preferred volume.

It has a sturdy housing as its exterior that is dustproof and resistant to water to assure long life. It also has an LED light that flashes when the doorbell rings. It has the widest range of operation from 500 feet to 1000 feet to perform will in the open areas. It is offered with super far remote controller that has excellent receiving distance.

Where Can The Wireless Doorbell Prove Useful?

This portable wireless doorbell by Liztek is an apt choice for all set ups, such as residences, factories, hotels, office buildings and warehouses. It can also be used for the elderly, pregnant ladies and patients to alert the people when they have an emergency.

It has an IP44 waterproof casing that makes it a best choice for humid and moisture rich areas. The weatherproof rating makes it an apt choice for outdoor use. It uses 1 alkaline battery of 12 V to transmit quickly. It operates with the sound output of 25 decibels to 110 decibels.

This doorbell with a wireless design is RoHS, FCC and CC certified. It also supports a wide voltage window of 110 V to 220 V.

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