Mactro portable SMS messaging device


Mactro SMS Broadcaster can be used to send messages to cell phones during emergency and for targeted advertising.

Mactro has announced the launch of their SMS Broadcaster device for emergency and disaster messaging and targeted advertisement. The device makes use of superior software algorithm and next generation RF computer hardware to send messages to cell phones without the need for sim cards, access to mobile networks facilities or internet connection. It is designed to acquire identities of cellphones around a particular radius and broadcast emergency or advertising messages.

“Mactro has been created after decades of research and development. We desired to produce a device that can save lives during a disaster, emergency or calamity, without the need to access mobile network operators or the internet. We are extremely excited about the launch of the product and the numerous ways it can be used to affect human life positively,” said a company representative.3

Mactro SMS broadcaster is powered by an advanced software algorithm, powerful IMEI/IMSI acquisition, and next generation RF computer hardware. It has multiple ARFCN broadcast, user-friendly web-based GUI and is built to military specifications. The SMS is generated directly from the device; therefore users can send an unlimited number of SMS messages to cellphones within a radius.

The device also allows users to send branded sender’s identity, with a name and number of their choice. The device works with more than 95% of all mobile devices and can penetrate GSM, LTE, 3G, and UMTS. It automatically detects mobile numbers within its radius and sends messages to them, without the need to acquire subscribers’ numbers.

“We use Mactro to send out messages to warn people about an incoming tornado. Our community is prone to storms and high winds, so we use Mactro to provide information about safety, relief efforts and precautionary measures when all the network connections are out. It has saved lives and made relief efforts less difficult,” said Hillary M, a consumer.

Apart from relieving efforts, Mactro can also be used for targeted advertising. It can be used to introduce a new business just opening in the neighborhood so that people around the vicinity can be aware. It can also be used to promote a local show or social event that requires the participation of individuals from the community. Mactro is portable, standalone and easy to operate.