Motor used for cutting tools

Jean Dennison
January 19, 2018

Whether you need to cut wood, metal or glass, is necessary to have powerful cutting tool.  Otherwise, it will be difficult to achieve the desired cutting results. Usually, manual cutting tools like saws and blade are used for cutting, but in the technological era, there are advanced cutting machines. The advance cutting machines have the cutting tools which move with the help of CME powerful motor. This solution allow to making faster and precision cuttings for any type of materials. All types of cutting machines, regardless of their size the power is backed by the electrical motor installed.

High performance motors

CME is one of the leading manufacturers of different types of motors which can be installed in cutting tools of domestic and industrial application. They develop and produce motors with low overall dimensions “cmesrl” these model are suitable for the industrial cutting machine. The high performance motors comply with the new standards for minimizing the wastage of electrical energy.

Buy customized power motors

Sometimes it happens that standard models aren’t satisfy customer’s request. For this reason CME offer the possibility to customized his product according to the customer’s request. If you are looking for customized motor for your cutting needs, you can inform us application’s specification: speed, cutting power, torque with those data we will able to offer you best motor for your machinery. CME basically provides E-series motor and R-series motor.  Various types of motors are already listed in these categories with different powers. You can choose the best one for the application needed.

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