The Ultimate Social Envy Review

You have probably heard and read that Instagram is “THE” social media platform to be on this year.

It is engaging. It is visual. And it is so big, with millions of active users that might soon be loyal followers of your brand.

Making it on Instagram is not as easy as posting content on daily basis. You might do all this in vain, while a competitor is busy getting thousands of followers weekly. What’s the answer?

It doesn’t matter whether you are running a small business or a corporation – you still need a few more Instagram followers at the end of each day. For those who have more, the opportunities are huge and real, and definitely, the social envy can’t be avoided. For those with just a few, their target is huge, and they look for ways to get organic Instagram followers in the shortest time possible. This is when they need Social Envy.

What is Social Envy?

This is a tool to help you grow your Instagram following organically via the use of algorithms. You receive targeted Instagram followers to your page quickly without the need to do anything manually.

Features of Social Envy

This tool has several features including:

  • Use of advanced search technology and hashtags to engage users depending on your audience needs.
  • Detailed reporting on the performance of your account.
  • Uses targeting features such as usernames, gender, and locations.
  • Matches your Instagram content with real individuals that are interested in your content.
  • Filters out spam and any inappropriate content

All these are attained using an organic algorithm that makes sure you grow your followers the right way.

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The Pros

Here are the pros of using this tool:

  • The tool helps match your content with REAL individuals that actually see your content. This gives you the opportunity to engage, interact, comment and then like what you post. The content will direct more users to your account, giving you an opportunity to achieve legitimate growth.
  • Social Envy helps you target Instagram followers that are using specific usernames, genders and specific areas or regions. This is ideal if you are targeting a specific kind of businesses.
  • This tool helps weed out the spam and unsuitable content, which means all the followers you attain via Social Envy are all real.
  • When you take up social envy, you enter into a contract that you can cancel anytime. This means the plan doesn’t lock you down on a contract.
  • You have access to 24/7 customer support, with your own account manager on standby anytime you need assistance.
  • You also get real testimonials from real people that the service has put on the map.

The Cons

This tool also has downsides, which are highlighted below:

  • The tool can’t create content for you. So, it’s all up to you to come up with great content. You need to set some time aside for this task.
  • You need a high understanding of the software to enjoy its benefits.
  • The results aren’t guaranteed, as seen from comments from different users across different forums.

Now that you have a sneak preview of this tool, let us go ahead and look at another tool that you will definitely get more out of – Follow Adder.

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Follow Adder Sneak Preview – What to Expect

One of the top apps to grow your Instagram following and engagement is by using follow adder, which is like an Instagram engagement tool running on steroids. This tool gives you real Instagram followers, allowing you to schedule automated posts, likes and comments. You also make use of powerful searches search algorithms according to hashtags and location. You also get to create exportable lists of followers.


  • You can publish your posts immediately or add them to a schedule to post them later.
  • If you have multiple accounts with your name, you can easily manage them from the program.
  • You can change the metrics directly within the dashboard. You also create opportunities for better engagement by coming up with channels that will engage specific hashtags, users, phrases, and keywords.
  • Everything is automatic, including photo liking, commenting and like backs.

What do you gain from all these? First, you can maximize the reach with proper Instagram marketing while increasing the number of followers. These followers are not just random followers but come from specific niches. You will gain loyal followers from these users.

You are going to engage your followers with relevant content that include videos and photos. You also engage them on a more personal level that allows you to build interest in your content.

As you can see, you can get more followers by automating your engagement. I prefer Follow Adder because all the users I have recommended to have had immense success using the tool.

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