Nixie Tube Clock: A Great Feature for Any Interior Design

If you want to purchase something special for your home, you should check out Nixie Tube Clock. The product combines both a vintage style and modern technologies, which allows it to look great in any interior design. Before you purchase the clock, you should find out more information about it, particular, how it works, what functions it has, and more.

History of Nixie Tube

The history of Nixie Tube Clock began in 1955 when the first version of Nixie display was introduced by Haydu Brothers Laboratories. Over the next forty years, plenty of different designs using the same technologies were created by different manufacturers. Nixies were often used as displays with numbers in different products, for instance, voltmeters, counters,and others. Today, you can find various designs of Nixie Tube Clocks on the Internet. For instance, you can check out, a website of a Ukrainian company specializing in designing and manufacturing watches, clocks, and thermometers. You will find an interesting line of products developed in both futuristic and vintage styles.

Nixie Tube Clock Design

You can check out the product’s pictures on that website, but there are also other sources on the Internet allowing you to get an idea of what it looks like, including videos on YouTube. When you look at the clock, you are sort of taken to old times. Probably, it is because of these neon lights and the glass tubes used in the product. There are foundations of different sizes, materials, and designs. There are several customization functions that you can use to make the clock suit the time of day (day or night) or just your mode. The clock offered by Millclock is fully assembled by hands and matches the highest standards of quality.

How It Works

The clock consists of several glass tubes, each of which comes with a wire mesh anode and several cathodes in the form of certain symbols. Once power is applied to one cathode, it becomes surrounded with a glow discharge. A gas in the tube is under low pressure. The most popular types of gas used in Nixie Tube clock are neon, mercury, and argon. The color of light depends on the type of gas.

Features and Prices

The following are options that you can order:

  • Standard;
  • GPS;
  • Alarm;
  • GPS+Alarm;
  • Remote controller;
  • All function.

The price depends on the functions chosen and ranges from $164.99 (standard) to $254.99 (all function). You can check out on that website. The digits in tubes can be easily changed. The digits’ light is adjustable with RGB colors. The service life of Nixie Tube Clock by Millclock is about 5 years, and all of the electronic details come with a one-year warranty.