OSRS: Slayer Moneymaking Guide

There are countless ways for you to make OSRS Gold when playing Old School Runescape. With a seemingly endless amount of content to enjoy, and currency often required to make the most of it, you can see why there would be a lot of different methods to money making. One such method is from Slayer tasks, which is what we will be discussing today. The following guide will give you an idea of the best Slayer methods for making money in OSRS, so read on and prepare to count your OSRS gold. 


Slayer is considered to be one of the best ways for you to make OSRS money, but there are some tasks that aren’t so profitable. The Cockatrice is a good place to start, and you will be required to have 25 Slayer and Mirror Shield to do so. 

The reason you need the shield is when you attack the Cockatrice it will mean that your stats will drop without it. Their guaranteed drop is Bones, but you can also get Runes, Herbs, and other items too if you get lucky. If you are at a low Slayer level, this is an ideal place for you to start, since you can make around 200,000 gold after just a few hours. 

Blue Dragons

If you head over to the Taverley Dungeon, then you will be able to find the Blue Dragons. Here, you are once again going to need a shield, in the form of the Anti-dragon shield. These will drop Dragon Bones and Blue Dragonhide. 

What is more appealing is the fact that you can make up to 400k gold if you are willing to put the time into it. The combat level here will be 111 too, so its something that you will need to keep in mind if you are going to eventually attempt it. 


If you are looking to showcase best of the Leaf Bladed weapons, then the Turoths should be your destination at some point. You can find Turoths in the Fremennik Slayer Cave, and has a number of requirements. These include 55 Slayer, as well as the Leaf Bladed Spear, Sword, and Battleaxe. As far as drops go, you are looking at getting a guaranteed drop of Bones, plus the chance to get Herbs, Runes, Seeds and weapons, as well as armour. 

If you are willing to put the time in, then you could make a whopping 1m gold within a day through Turoths. It’s time-consuming, but considering the goal its definitely something to keep in mind. 

Dark Beasts

Your next stop should be the Mourner Tunnels and Dragon’s Den for Dark Beasts. You will need 90 Slayer to take on this task, but you could be soon looking at reaping some hefty rewards. 

The reasoning behind this is that there are some great drops from the Dark Beasts. You will always get a drop of Big Bones, but there is also other great drops such as the Dark Bow, which can fetch a pretty penny. What’s more, it’s a great place for you to gain some additional XP, so if that is something you are looking to do, get yourself down to the Dark Beasts. 


Prepare for Runes galore when you go after Gargoyles. To do so, you will need to head to the top of Canifis Slayer Tower, as well as the basement. You are going to need to be at 75 Slayer, plus you will need the Rock Hammer to get past them. It is worth noting that you need this hammer in order to actually kill the gargoyles, so make sure you have it. 

By killing them, you can expect to get your hands on Runes, Herbs and the odd Granite Maul. You should also receive a lot of gold for your troubles, as well as plentiful XP. 

Skeletal Wyverns

Now this is arguably your best bet for making money from Slayer in OSRS. You will need to traverse to the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, and have either the Dragonfire Shield or an Elemental Shield from the Elemental Workshop quest. 

The most important thing to remember about the Wyverns is their drops. They will always drop Wyvern Bones, which are a great way for you to earn OSRS money. If you had to choose one from this list, I would strongly suggest going for this one, once you have reached the relevant 140 combat level. 

There are many different Slayer monsters for you to go after to gain the valuable OSRS Gold that you desire. The tasks on this list will certainly see you on your way to making OSRS money. There are so many different methods out there to consider, but you can’t go wrong with Slayer for OSRS gold and the sheer amount of XP you can also gain.

Have you attempted any of the monsters on this list? Let us know in the comments section below!