Path of Exile – The Best Builds for Betrayal

If you are going to attempt something like the Betrayal League in Path of Exile, then there are a few things that you are going to want to know. Whilst a lot of situations seem to revolve around PoE currency, PoE orbs and other features of a similar nature, PoE builds are just as essential when you are playing the game, especially if you want to progress in particular areas. 

So, if you are looking to check out the Betrayal League then here are a few PoE builds that you should keep in mind. 

Arc Mines

Many would agree that the Arc Mines build is arguably the best build for betrayal. This is because those who choose this build are able to battle through maps at pace, and can overall power right through Betrayal possibly faster than any other build. 

The downside to this build is that it can slow players down at times, especially when having to detonate mines yourself. So, it can feel like its holding you back at times, but using Arc Traps instead is a good alterative to this if you choose to do so. If you want to have a bit more of a relaxed approach to Arc builds, then I would strongly suggest using Arc Totems, so you won’t have to worry about detonation as much. 

Winter Orb

This is another PoE build that you can use to clear out maps, though it probably isn’t as quick as other Path of Exile builds. Nevertheless, its speed shouldn’t be underestimated, and it has a few skills that can help you along the way. 

For example, the Winter Orb Elementalist can use freezing which can not only help with crowds of enemies, but can also be used to slow down bosses. Not to mention the sheer satisfaction of freezing your enemies and watching them explode into pieces. 

Holy Relic Guardian

The Holy Relic Guardian is a popular build for the Betrayal League too, and understandably so. Combined with Herald of Agony and Herald of Purity, you can output a lot of damage. Cyclone with Life Gain can vastly improve your movement, and you can use the Herald of Agony, Purity and Relics to dish out a lot of damage to your opponents. 

The good thing about Holy Relic Guardian is that it’s a good choice regardless of what kind of path you are choosing. It can certainly hold it’s own by end-game, but it is also a great choice if you are looking to start out in the Betrayal League. It is certainly a standout choice on this list, so make sure that you look into it should you be gearing up for Betrayal.

Storm Brand

Another popular build is the Storm Brand Elementalist, which offered players a new approach when it released. The reason that this PoE build is so useful is because of its sheer power, and it’s also downright fun to use as well. 

Perhaps more importantly, Storm Brand is considered to be one of the best levelling skills that you can hope to have. This means that not only is it fun to play, but it is also a great choice for you to start with. If you are just starting out in League, then this is arguably the choice that you should take. It is also helpful with end-game farming, as well as bossing so also take that into consideration when deciding on your PoE build. 


With its high survival rate and damage output, Vortex has become another build of choice for Betrayal. The most common used is the Occultist CI Vortex build. It doesn’t quite live up to some of the other Path of Exile builds in terms of speed, but its damage and defence more than make up for it. 

It boasts cold damage which like the Winter Orb can slow down bosses that you are facing. If dying is a major issue for you then you could argue that this is the best build for you to choose from. Its survivability with Occultist CI is as good as any if not better than the other Path of Exile builds that are on this list.

Overall, these are some of the best PoE builds you can go with for starting out Betrayal League. If you have found yourself getting caught up in PoE orbs or PoE Uniques, even PoE Trading when doing your research into the game, make sure that you look into which build is the most suitable for you as well. There are many different combinations to choose from, so make sure that you are looking to work towards one that fits your goals and playstyle. 

Have you tried any of these Path of Exile builds? Let us know in the comments section below!