Perfection in Graphic Design: Good or Bad Idea?

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Graphic design is an art that needs perfection, creativity and designing skills. If you are a graphic designer or web designer, you should know the importance of time. Some designers try to make project perfect, but it can extend the time required to complete the project even several times.


It is not a great idea to invest lots of time in one project when you have a lot to do. A designer always wants to add perfection to his work without spending lots of time. Some experienced designers have improved their skills, and they use their experience and creativity to make a perfect graphic within given deadline. But sometimes it can be a bad idea.

Perfection can harm the Development

Nothing is perfect in this world, and you will always get something that can be improved.  You cannot make a product 100% perfect before launching it. You should better take other’s mistakes as a reference and be creative. Sometimes perfection may be harmful. When you start working on a project, you set some goals to reach with the design.

The main motive of any design is to attract consumers, increase sales, enhance online presence and create awareness about the product. You should try to achieve these goals rather than trying new things that take you away from goals. You should try to find out some simple solutions to get closer to your goals.

Perfection Often Remains Unnoticed

You don’t know what your audience needs so you should not try something extraordinary.  You can present your project with simple designs.  Sometimes extra time you spend on making a graphic perfect remain unappreciated and unnoticed. So do what your audience wants. Sometimes recipient of your project does not notice your extra efforts.

Perfection can enhance Project Completion Time

Many designers work on details that may rob their lots of time. Detailing is the tiny part of the graphic designing process. Detailing can take lots of time and extend project completion time. This is something like to spend 70% time on detailing and 30% time for reaching goals.

If you are a freelance designer, then you should know most of the clients like simple, graceful, easy to understand, focused on achieving objectives and easy to use graphic. It is not always about a creative and beautiful work, but about goals, time and responses.

If you are a graphic designer, then you should understand that you are not a visitor or client. You cannot judge the graphics that you design as per your assumptions and opinions. You can deliver the perfect project by not being perfect. You just need to focus on the objectives of projects that will be visible in your final projects.

Graphic designing is an art, but it should be precise and easy to use. Many graphic designers try to add lots of creative approaches to make it perfect, but it extends project completion time.  You should focus on project goals and try to reach them.