Play Zuma Puzzle Games For Free Online

Playing games online is such a great activity to pass time that at most times you will not regret. It helps you pass hours of boredom you would have to go through when you are just sitting idly. If you have free time and would want to solve puzzles in fun and playful ways, try out Zuma games. This is a website with a whole lot of options to choose from but we will focus on two games in particular that are a definite must try.

Must play games

The first one is more of a classical game. Zuma Deluxe is an easy and fun game for anyone who’s looking for non-stop fun through different levels of difficulty. You shoot balls in different colored from the mouth of a frog by pointing and shooting where you want to place it. You need to make combinations of 3 or more balls of the same color in a row to score points. You can shoot as many balls as you like but you have to solve the puzzle before the balls reach the mouth of the skull.

The next one is called Zuma Revenge which gives off the look and feel of a definitely upgraded version. The rules of the game remain the same but you just expect that everything will happen at a faster pace in this version. Advance through the game to unlock new bonuses and powers.

Tips to play the game

Try to eliminate and finish one color of balls at first. Once you have done this, that particular color ball will not appear anymore. Do not have a conservative approach with these games and just shoot as many balls as you can at once to speed up the game and get more combos. Get as many combos as possible so you can get more points and advance through the levels faster.

You only get three lives so play wisely. You can also buy or upgrade the game for challenge games, different modes to play, and amazing screens and graphics too. is the best place to find best zuma games.