Popular Types Of Construction Site Accidents

One of the hazardous jobs in this world is the construction site job. The news of construction site accidents is so common. Not only does it affect the financial status of victims but also leads to serious injuries. That’s why to get compensation, many individuals think of hiring a Syracuse construction accident lawyer who helps them with all the legal proceedings. But here in this piece, we are going to focus upon the type of accidents that can occur on a construction site.

Types of Construction Site Accidents

When it comes to worksite accidents, there can be a plethora of ways through which construction workers can hurt themselves as construction sites are prone to be riskier compared to other job sites, But here we are going to list out some common construction site accidents that happen frequently.

1. Falls – One of the most popular types of construction site accidents is fall. It can happen at any time of day without prior warning. The job responsibility of construction site workers involves performing real action at high places away from the ground and sometimes workers fall from a height resulting in serious injury. Not just this ground slips also happen at construction sites.

2. Failure of Equipment – Another common type of construction site accident is a failure of equipment. Construction sites consist of many advanced types of equipment and if this equipment fails to work properly then it results in an accident which can cause serious injuries to construction site workers.

3. Electrocutions – As these sites contain many types of machinery so there is a possibility of exposed wiring which can result in electrocution.Not just this, these exposed wires can lead to spark which then can result in fire. 

4. Overexertion – Many times construction site owners want to finish their job early and in less than the decided budget. To achieve the same they hired less-skilled workers and put pressure on them to work extra hours. This creates pressure among workers which results in accidents caused due to overexertion.

5. Hit and Run Accidents – Various construction site jobs involve working on the highway or roadside. Due to this construction workers often get hit by careless drivers.

6. Accident caused by Materials – Another common type of construction site accident is getting trapped between materials or accidents caused by materials. There are various incidents where workers got stuck between unconstructed walls.

These are just some common types of construction site accidents. That’s why it is advisable for construction site workers to wear all the safety equipment while working on the sites.